some tasks that either you or your spouse are better at, so that job just is always handled by that person? 

For me and Tony, its snow removal.  Tony is a master at snow removal!  The sidewalk next to our house, even the deck off the front door that we hardly used gets a clean sweep!

Me, not so much.  If I can get to my car without falling I am satisfied with that! 

So Hannah is taking Tony to get his hair cut this afternoon – first time since his surgery!  My first thought last night was “how is he going to get through all that ice and snow out the back door with his crutches?”

Hannah and I talked about it – there is probably a good 2 inch layer of snow RIGHT outside the back door.  We thought about pouring hot water over it, hoping it would melt and we could shovel it.  We proposed this idea to Tony, and I think he thought we were both nuts! 

So I sent Hannah to the store last night to get some salt to melt the ice.  Poor thing, she came back with two 40 pound bags of water softening salt!  She didn’t realize there was a difference.

So at lunch today, I went to the Hardware store and bought a 50 pound bag of Ice Busters.  I then picked up Subway for me and Tony, went to the bank to get him some cash, and then went home to lay the salt down.  I am hoping by the time Hannah gets home from school she’ll be able to shovel a nice clear path for Tony.  Fingers crossed!

Now onto lunch, I got the 6 inch turkey Subway, no cheese or oil, extra hot peppers though!  And quite possibly the best potato chip ever made:  Miss Vickie’s Jalapeno Kettle Chips!  1/2 a bag sets me back 100 calories – and let me tell you, its hard to resist reaching back into that bag and finishing them off!

Lunch comes in at 385 calories, 11 fat and 52 carbs
Lunch comes in at 385 calories, 11 fat and 52 carbs

Tonight is a simple dinner – spaghetti and meatballs!  See you then!