so if I have any regular readers, you’ll know that Tony’s parents gave us this t.v. for Christmas! (thanks again – we love it!)   I was actually speechless when they brought it in!  So this t.v. has high definition so we called DirectTV and scheduled an appointment to get the HD box and replace all the other boxes in our house.  Mind you, there are three of us routinely in the house and we have four t.v.’s!   We have the main one in the living room, one in our bedroom, one in Hannah’s bedroom and one in our back room that has our family computer and my comfy chair!

So DirectTV came by a couple weeks ago.  The guy got out of his van, he walked around the house and said “HD isn’t going to work here.”  Huh?  He goes to his van, gets a compass out and says that he doesn’t see the 20 degree radius needed for the dish.  I pointed to the dish on top of the roof and said “well that dish has worked perfectly well for us for 5 years!”  Then he goes on to tell me that the HD satellites are lower in the horizon and it will never work.  Then he looks at our one story roof and  says “do you see that snow on your roof, I’m not getting up there!”   Hello!  It’s January in Chicagoland!!!  He was literally here for all of 2 minutes.  I just had the feeling he wanted to meet his buddies for beers!

So Tony called AT&T and they just came and installed our new HD system today!  Want to know the best part?  You can record all your shows on the main t.v. but then watch them in any room!  So now Hannah can tape her shows she watches (Dexter, Intervention, Jon & Kate Plus 8, What Not to Wear).  And if we stop watching something in the living room we can pick it up where we left off in our bedroom.  Sweet!

So I am about to call DirectTV and tell them to pick up their damn equipment!


So I emailed Tony before I left work to see if the AT&T worker was still there, he was, so he suggested I pick up Chinese food.  So I read that, called Hannah immediately on her cell phone and had her walk into the living room with the menu!  It was literally 10 seconds after Tony sent me that email!  Yes, I am easily swayed!

I got an egg roll (4 ounces) spicy green beans (3 ounces) shrimp fried rice (no onions!  3 ounces) and three potstickers (5.5 ounces). 

I ended up eating everything but one potsticker -they were huge (that's what she said!)
I ended up eating everything but one potsticker -they were huge (that's what she said!)

So my dinner ended up being 539 calories, 18 fat and 73 carbs.

No exercise today – I ended up covering the front desk at my office for the receptionist who took a vacation day.  It’s hard to be away from my desk for an hour and a half and take another hour to work out.   But my totals for the day weren’t too bad:

  • 1427 calories
  • 51 fat
  • 143 carbs

Off to figure out my new channel numbers.  It’s basically FoodTV, HGTV, DiscoveryHealth and Bravo!  Top Chef comes on in an hour – off to put the dishes in the dishwasher and relax.  See you in the a.m.!