So since I didn’t go grocery shopping, I am out of eggs, butter and flour so my thoughts of the ultimate pancakes went out the window!  I had Jimmy Dean sausage and bagels left, so that’s what we had.

since I didn't have any butter, I used laughing cow cheese on my bagel - yum!
since I didn't have any butter, I used laughing cow cheese on my bagel - yum!

 So remember yesterday when I walked out and our house was at 50 degrees?   Once I flipped the switch, it kicked on, but after I left for work, it kept going on and off.  Tony called the people who installed our furnace, and turns out there is a pipe going outside the house that was frozen!  Once he removed the ice, all was well.  He ended up checking other stuff out, and $120 later, we are toasty posty!

So Hannah is leading the furnace guy downstairs when all of a sudden, the washing machine pipe just starts spurting water out at like 60 miles an hour!   We left it alone last night, but Hannah and I pretended to be plumbers and fix the problem.  There is a pipe that goes outside into a well, and that pipe was frozen!  So the water had nowhere to go but backwards!  We were able to remove the frozen pipe – I put it in a sink of hot water for a few minutes, then started flushing it with hot water as it spit out pieces of ice.  We put back that section of pipe, and after watching one full rinse/spin cycle, I think we are all set.

Whew!  I have to make my grocery list and get to the store.  We have more firewood being delivered today too – so hopefully it won’t be too cold to do that!  Looks pretty windy now though! 

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday!  See you at lunch!