It’s been WAY too long since I cleaned out my fridge – maybe three weeks?   Now its all nice and pretty and up to Hannah’s standards.  While I cleaned the fridge, she reorganized my pantry – yeah!

So when I went to go grocery shopping at my favorite store yesterday, they were closed on New Years Day!  So I only got stuff I needed for last nights dinner.  I decided today would be a good time to use up what I have and then do a big grocery shop on Sunday for the week.  I got this in the mail today, so this may give me some ideas!


I got a Panera gift card from co-workers (thanks K & V!) so yesterday I was able to get 13 bagels, two tubs of cream cheese, an XL loaf of sourdough bread and an asiago loaf of bread – and it only set me back .42 cents after the gift card!  Sweet!

So I decided to make patty melts.  Hold the onions though!

just a schmere of butter gives it this beautiful crust!
just a schmere of butter gives it this beautiful crust!

Here’s Tony’s:


Here’s mine – um, with a LITTLE BIT of Tabasco mustard!



I found it a couple weeks ago at my regular grocery store! 

Still doing laundry, I ran out of detergent and had Hannah pick some up on her trip back from Target – her favorite store!  She had some gift cards burning a hole in her pocket!

I see a nap in my future too!  All my decorations are put away – Tony made extra sure that all the snowmen went away!

See you at dinner for Pizza Party Friday! (even though it feels like Sunday to me!)