I planned to meet up with my friend to swim this morning, but its raining outside.  As soon as I finish this I’ll have to see what is on exercise on demand 😀

On my way to the pool yesterday, I had 2 ounces of my banana bread, took 6 units of insulin, and when I got done swimming for 30 minutes, my blood sugar was 95 – nice! 😀

Yesterday was one of my favorites for breakfast – pita pizza!  And while that may look like a lot of cheese, its mostly liquid egg whites on the top – the crust got really crunchy and the top was tender and chewy – this baked for 12 minutes at 400 degrees.

416 calories, 53 carbs, 26 protein, 10.3 fat and3.4 fiber

At lunch I decided to do a different bike ride, it was on the moderate section and only 5.8 miles, so I thought it would be easy.  Wrong! It was a steady hill climb, and at the end there was a 1/4 mile section that was at 44% incline!  So while Tony is disappointed I don’t have a picture of my sweaty shirt, I did sweat! 😀

Lunch was a turkey wrap with spinach and green pepper, with veggies dipped in 2 tablespoon tzatziki sauce and cherries for dessert.  This took me a long time to eat!  And not that I am an expert or anything, but if I know my meal is going to take a while to eat, I take half my insulin up front, then half way through take the rest.  Sure enough, 2 hours after I ate my blood sugar was 110 – perfect!

348 caloires, 43 carbs, 27 protein, 7 fat and 14.7 fiber (thanks to the low carb wrap = 8 grams of fiber just in that!)

Now dinner . . . that’s a different story.   I happened upon In Praise of Leftovers potato and green bean salad with fresh herbs.  It looked like the perfect side dish to the chicken wings I was grilling.   I had two fatal flaws. First of all, I used basil, thyme and sage as my herbs.  Well the sage was just way too much and completely overpowered the dish.  Secondly, I used baked potatoes, and while I tried not to overcook them when I boiled them, after tossing with the dressing, they just completely fell apart.

In fact, when I set the dish on the table, Tony was like “what is this?”  I was like “its a side dish – it might not look good but it tastes good.”  Well the bite I had in the kitchen tasted good, but the sage just ruined the dish.

the trash was where this ended up 🙁

When chicken wings and chicken thighs are .79 cents a pound, I just can’t pass that price up.  While I would have liked to use the Weber, it was kinda sprinkling outside, so I used the gas grill.  These took a long time to cook, I had flare-ups – they probably took a good 45 minutes to cook.

But sadly, not enough for me.  I like almost falling off the bone wings with a crunchy skin like you get out of a fryer.  I just couldn’t achieve that on the gas grill.  But I will share my buffalo chicken sauce – its Frank’s hot sauce with two tablespoons I can’t believe its not butter (only 5 calories a serving!).  You get the buttery flavor without all the fat of real butter.

When you toss the hot wings from the grill, the butter melts.

they look good though!

I maybe had 1/2 of one wing.  I was so disappointed!  Mostly because I was starving to death, my blood sugar was on the low side, and after grilling for 45 minutes and spending 20 minutes cleaning up the kitchen, this was what I had for dinner:

310 calories, 44 carbs, 16.9 protein, 8.1 fat and 4.4 fiber

Tony was a trooper though – he knows I get upset if what I cook doesn’t turn out – he said he like his chicken!  But as I am cleaning the kitchen, I was thinking about the show on t.v. inedible to incredible.  I was like, “I am that home cook who thinks her food is good, and it really isn’t!”  I had visions of Chef Besh walking in my back door at any moment!

So I had a pity party for one for a while (as I was thinking about how nice a glass of wine would be) , I mopped my kitchen floor, then I got over it.  But looking back on the day, I didn’t come close to my 1800 calorie goal.  Even with my banana bread snack before the swim and 8 ounces of watermelon before working out at lunch.

Stats for Monday

  • 1327 calories, 188 carbs, 74 protein, 32 fat and 24 fiber
  • 30 minute swim
  • 5 minute chase warm up on the exercise bike
  • 25 minute uphill climb on the bike
  • 5 minute cool down
  • 5 minutes abs on the ball
  • no alcohol 😀

So here’s to another day . . . I am making Clean Eating’s Bolognese Pasta for dinner tonight. . . fingers crossed it comes out better than last nights dinner! 😀

Update:  I forgot to mention BSI this week!  Debbi from Debbi Does Dinners Healthy is the hostess this week – she picked ground turkey 😀