Okay, so the first part of my errands Hannah could not come with me since I was buying gifts for her!  But I had a couple other things to do so I picked her up and we continued on.  It was close to 1:15, we were hungry so we stopped for lunch.  Um, remember the part when I said that I was going to eat healthy since I wasn’t at the hospital with Tony?  Well, I had a jalapeno burger!  It was SO good!  I forgot my camera (out of practice!) but it was a perfect medium rare.  Thankfully, I only ate a couple fries!

But we absolutely finished everything!  All gifts are wrapped and under the tree.  And it was nice spending some time with her! 


We decided to make stir-fry for dinner.  You have to love all the pre-packaged, pre-cut veggies for a quick stir fry!  Hannah’s was without the shrimp, and no broccoli slaw for her:


Here is her stir-fry:


Here is mine – lots of veggies!


I talked to Tony every few hours to see how he was doing.  He sounds GREAT!  It’s amazing how good he sounds just one day after surgery!  

All I know is all I want for Christmas is Tony home where he belongs.  Family and friends are what make Christmas, not what is under the tree. 

Hopefully the weather will be in my favor tomorrow!    I’ll post tomorrow when I can . . .

Happy Holidays!!!!