Hi all!  It’s been a long couple of days!  Thanks for all your well wishes – they are much appreciated!

So Tony is set for surgery on Monday afternoon as of today.  He will be having his artificial knee replaced with a temporary one that is filled with antibiotics, which will stay in there for three months. If after three months, there is no infection, he’ll have his knee replaced again.

What makes this procedure much more difficult is Tony had his aortic heart valve replaced almost two years ago.  In April of 2007, we thought he had the flu, and it got to the point where he couldn’t breathe.  So we took him to the emergency room, he was admitted for five days before they finally diagnosed infective endocardatis. 

But turns out the same virus that attached to his heart valve is also attacking his artificial knee.  He’s on blood thinners too!  But I know he is in the right place and he has the knee doctor, the cardiologist and an internist all working on him and I am confident everything will go well!

However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t choke up every once in a while, especially on the drives to and from the hospital.  Tonight when I left it started snowing, and the expressway was 10 miles per hour FOREVER!  Then the temperatures started to dip, and the wind was howling.  We are supposed to get down to zero degrees tonight with windchills to -25!  It took me an hour and forty minutes to get home.

I had planned to do all my shopping this weekend, but it isn’t going to happen while I am at the hospital.  So I picked up Hannah and we went Christmas shopping.  Turns out Wal-mart is open 24 hours!   She’s going to be my super duper wrapper tomorrow.  And she was a sweetie and cleaned the whole house today from top to bottom.  I’ve been given strict instructions on how to keep the drawers and cabinet in the bathroom!

Tony’s parents are coming in tomorrow so its going to be a busy week!  Just wanted to give you guys and update.  I know everything is going to be fine!  I just wish his surgery wasn’t going to be on our wedding anniversary though!

I’ll post again when I can.  And FYI, hospital cafeteria food is AWFUL!