Earlier we thought Tony had a car emergency, but it turned out to be nothing.  Whew!  But it worked out anyway because he ended driving me back to work and then Hannah can drive to my office for our annual Santa Claus party, then we’ll just drive home together in one car.  Even though she is almost 17, I still make her sit with Santa! 

So lunch became a mix of leftovers I had in the fridge at work.  Two beef tacos and 1 Fage yogurt with more yummy berries!


So as I was sitting at my desk, the copy vendor I usually use is walking to my desk with something in his hand.  As a thank you for working with him this past year, he baked me a whole tin of cookies!  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I was diabetic and wouldn’t be eating them, but I just kindly thanked him. 

They are on my desk and even though our cookie exchange was yesterday, turns out no one is sick of cookies yet!


The peanut butter/Hershey kiss cookies were the first to go! 

Gotta run, lunch was a bit shorter today.  I’ll post Santa pics tonight!