I am so happy Vicky didn’t win tonight!   That being said, EVERYONE looks so amazing!  So basically it was 101 days on the ranch and 102 days at home before tonight.  The fact that some of the them lost 43% of their body weight is incredible! 

So I guess I jinxed myself when I said I survived the low blood sugars.  This afternoon, this is what I saw:


So I ate a cookie 😀 from the cookie exchange and 1/2 hour later my blood sugar was up to 127.   All good!

Okay, so the commute home SUCKED!  I shouldn’t complain because while it took me 55 to get home, it took Tony THREE AND A HALF HOURS to get home from his afternoon meeting!


So I get home, there’s like 3 inches of snow on the ground, I asked Hannah if she was hungry yet, she said no, so I went ahead and snow blowed the drive.   I was almost done when I started to feel sweaty, so I am thinking, “this is a great workout!”  Um, no!


So I ended up having ANOTHER cookie to bring it up while I made me and Hannah pizza.  Yes, I ate the whole thing, but I felt I deserved it since I didn’t have much before that.  This is leftover dough from Friday night pizza, and I kind of think that I like the flavor of the dough when it sits for a while!


I also got this in the mail!


But all in all, Tony got home safely so that’s all that matters!  See you for breakfast!