Yep, its official – its snowman time!  Unfortunately for Tony though!  I will admit though that I have only brought out about 2 dozen this year!   I don’t like all snowmen though – I am kind of picky!  So from now until Christmas I will be showing pictures of some of my favorites.  I don’t know what it is about them, but they make me happy and smile!

how can this not make you smile??!!
how can this not make you smile??!!

Lunch was so much fun!  It was nice catching up with my old boss and she looks fabulous considering she is due in seven days!   And thanks to my current boss for picking up the tab!  We went to Big Bowl, and while I normally get the build your own stir fry I ended up ordering off the menu as they did.  I got the tofu spinach kung pao chicken and it was SO GOOD!  The tofu had the perfect texture – crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.


For dinner I decided to use up the leftover Chinese from take out last night.  Don’t judge – I can eat the same things over and over and never be bored!  So stir-fry for dinner it was!  I ended up picking out the chicken and water chestnuts and adding fresh veggies and heated up white rice.


The end result with a heated up egg roll:


Tony on the other hand, kind of gets sick of the same things I make over and over again (TACOS ANYONE??!!)  So I made him chicken wings with celery and blue cheese tossed with the Buffalo Wild Wing Parmesan sauce.


I am off to go relax with Tony and finish up my Christmas cards so I can get them out in the mail tomorrow.  Hope everyone had a great Monday!  See you tomorrow.