I have to admit I’ve been in a bit of a holiday funk. I don’t send Christmas cards anymore, which I already would have worked on and sent out by now.  Tony is going to help me this weekend somehow get our Christmas tree out of the attic – Open-mouthed smile.  We are on a really tight budget so there won’t be any Christmas shopping done.

I started thinking about what makes me happy about the holidays, and it struck me yesterday, getting busy in the kitchen.  What better way to get in the Christmas spirit than to bake for our families!  I have four gift boxes to make this weekend:  one for my Aunt, one for my brother and his family, Joe and Lizz and my parents-in-law.  I bought everything yesterday to get Bizzy in my Kitchen, and you better believe I’ll have Christmas music going on my Pandora when I bake this weekend. Open-mouthed smile

And when I look around, its loving what you have, not what you want.  We have a roof over our heads, food to eat, and I am married to my best friend – what better gift do you need?

Breakfast yesterday was a sausage McMuffin (off the dollar menu at McDs!) with a side of blackberries and bananas – a great fruit combo!   Taken with my phone because my boss walked in right before I was going to take my breakfast to a better place to take a picture. Smile with tongue out


There was a bit of a small crisis in my house.  Check it out:

rice 020

I brought “mystery soup” for my lunch yesterday.  Only one slight problem, there was a 20% chance that I brought a ziploc bag of pasta sauce!  So I went to the grocery store near my office and picked up stuff from the salad bar – this box only cost $2.19!

rice 016

They still had the $1 off coupon on the Tabasco – but guess what?  This store doubles coupons on Wednesdays!  So this bottle was only .99 cents!

rice 021

As it turns out, it was lasagna soup that I brought.  While delicious when made, and even days later in the fridge, defrosting it and then heating it up kind of made the noodles taste like ass.  I probably ate about half of this.

rice 019

I had pork chops on the menu, but in the afternoon Tony sent me a text and said “do you think we could have fried rice one night this week?”  Which meant, Tony wasn’t feeling the pork chops!

We compromised and made pork fried rice.  Only two tiny problems.  I didn’t have any rice at home and not many veggies to put in the fried rice. 

There is a new grocery store on my way home from work – have you ever heard of this chain before?


Um, turns out they have LOTS of cheese!!  This is about 1/5th of their selection!


I ended up picking up $2 dollars worth of fresh veggies, and Tony’s favorite, canned LaChoy veggies.

rice 023

rice 036

Tony reduced the amount of oil and soy sauce for me. Open-mouthed smile   I love his fried rice!  And he helped me clean up the kitchen too. Thumbs up Red heart

rice 043

I ate about 1/3 of this bowl and have plenty for leftovers at lunch today.  Wow, veggies in two meals yesterday – what’s up with that?!

Question of the Day:  What gets you in the holiday spirit?

Make it a great day!