I thought I would make shrimp de joghne (I have no idea how to spell it!) tonight.  I ended up blanching the shrimp in boiling water for 1 minute, then putting it in cold water.  I brought the same water back to a boil and added my pasta.  I read online that the way to make perfect pasta is to do this:  boil water, add pasta, then remove from heat, put a lid on and let it sit for 15 minutes.  It was perfect!

just slightly pink after the 1 minute blanch in hot water
just slightly pink after the 1 minute blanch in hot water

I am not going to post the recipe, because it was okay.  Maybe the additional STICK of butter the recipe called for would have brought it around!  It looked pretty coming out of the oven!


Here was my plate:


I was slightly disappointed with the whole dish, I thought it would have more of a sauce to pour over the spaghetti.   I tried to make this a bit healthier by halving the amount of butter.  Um, guess you need it!  I ended up eating just my shrimp, a few bites of pasta, and some of Tony’s steak!


I picked up a 1.5 pound bone in ribeye in the clearance section for $7!  It was enough for dinner tonight, and I plan on having some steak and eggs for breakfast.  So good!

Does anyone watch Top Chef?   Just waiting for the new episode!  It’s nice to know that even seasoned chef’s have mishaps in the kitchen, like the woman who used an ostrich egg for the first time not even knowing what it would taste like!

See you at breakfast!