He found a movie I would like on t.v., For Your Consideration.  It’s the same cast as in Best in Show, and a Mighty Wind.  I just love those type of quirky movies!  So with coffee in hand, Tony went to make me breakfast.  SO GOOD!  The surprise though was that there were scrambled eggs with Tabasco in the middle!  I have a feeling this will keep me full for a long time.


Then I took Ed on a short 1 mile walk – too many other dogs at the trail and he is not friendly to other dogs!


My turkey soup turned out okay, but the noodles ended up kind of gummy.  I added them to the simmering pot thinking they would could slow, maybe I should have cooked them as instructed and then add to the soup? 


Hannah and I are going to start Christmas decorating, much to Tony’s dismay.  If it were up to him we wouldn’t put anything out until the third week of Christmas!  Since its about 40 degrees today, we figured we would start with the lights on the deck.  See you later!