I’ve had a craving for wonton soup for a while.  The last one I had was store bought, and had shrimp in it.  I knew I had ground chicken I needed to use up, so I decided to use that as a filling.  But before that, I picked up these garlic rounds at the Fresh Market that are so addicting!  I remembered I had goat cheese at home, so I just had to pick them up.  I may have had 4 toast/goat cheese apps while I made dinner.


There is no paticular recipe for my wonton filling, I just made it up.  It was about 1 pound of ground chicken, a heaping tablespoon of minced garlic, a tablespoon of sweet and sour sauce, a teaspoon of Chinese mustard and a tablespoon of szechwan sauce.

I realized I only had potsticker wrappers, so that's what I used
I realized I only had potsticker wrappers, so that's what I used

Each wrapper got 1/2 teaspoon of filling.  I made 12 for our dinner.


The base for my wonton soup was 3 cans of chicken broth, sliced carrots and zucchini, pepper and fresh cilantro.  I brought that to a boil and then tossed in the potstickers.  We both decided that the potstickers would be better if they were Pam fried because they started to melt when they were in the broth.  And I think it could have been more spicy, so when I make the rest I’ll add more szechwan sauce.


We used lots of veggies in our stir-fry – mostly GREEN!



I found out tonight that my sister-in-law and her family are coming for Thanksgiving, so that brings our total to 9 people.  We’ll have to make more side dishes.  What side dishes are you making?

See you tomorrow!

UPDATE:  I ended up Pam frying the rest of the wontons and they seemed to stay together much better.  This recipe MADE A LOT!  50 wontons in all! 

I Pam fried the potstickers on both sides until they were browned, then I added 1/2 cup water to the pan and put a lid on for 4 minutes so the inside is cooked through.


here's how they look after being steamed - yum!
here's how they look after they are steamed