It feels like it should be much later than 3:30 (even 4:30!)! 

Here was my to do list:

I have a few things to do today:

  • clean my desk and file paperwork
  • menu planning for the week – DONE
  • grocery shopping – DONE
  • a couple loads of laundry – 1/2 WAY DONE
  • walk with Ed – 35 MINUTE WALK – DONE!

I’ll finish the rest of the laundry while I am cleaning my desk, since my desk is in the basement too.

Beautiful walk with Ed, although the trails specifically say “all animals on leash at all times.”  So we are walking, and all of a sudden around the corner is a huge Rottweiler (sp?) about 120 pounds WITHOUT A LEASH!  I yelled to his owner to get him on his leash (Ed doesn’t like other dogs too much) and he’s not listening and asking questions: “Is your dog a puppy?”  

So I said “your not supposed to have your dog without a leash here” and he just continues to ask how old Ed is!  Other than that, it was a nice walk:

pretty steel trail this time!
pretty steel trail this time!

It’s nice because every 1/2 mile or so, they have these water pumps to pump water for your dogs:

Before I went to the grocery store, I quickly put together a spinach salad and whole wheat pasta with 1/8 cup skim ricotta and diced spinach.  So good! 

338 calories, 12 fat, 49 carbs
338 calories, 12 fat, 49 carbs

I did really good at the grocery store today: $95.00! for the week, and that included a $9 wine!

Here is our weekly menu:

Although, when I got home, someone (Tony?) corrected Friday’s menu!

I was finally able to find Splenda brown sugar at the store.  It looks and has the same texture as regular brown sugar, but you only have to use half called for in a recipe.  It was $4.99, I had a dollar off coupon.  This is the equivalent to 2 pounds of brown sugar.  I plan on making pumpkin muffins later this week.

Off to make the beef stew and chili for the potatoes later in the week.  See you at dinner!