My local grocery store on my drive home has clearance meat where the sell by date is either tomorrow or the next day.  I picked up two steaks at 50% off!  They were thin (which Tony loves – NOT!) and I may have overcooked them a tad.  But Ed sure liked the bones!

But this afternoon I was doing some dictation, when all of a sudden I could feel myself start to sweat – sure sign my blood sugar is going down!  I quickly checked and it was 67 and falling.  The night before my office had a function, and I remembered there was leftover artichoke dip!  Now, I hate almost everything individually, but put together – its amazing!  The only thing I needed to watch out for was onions!  If there were any in here, I sure couldn’t taste it.  I had 5 crackers with dip:


I made thin slices of garlic bread.  I used this cheese mixture that you mix with olive oil for bread dipping.  They turned out good!


I sauteed mushrooms for Tony’s steak – I LOVE the smell of mushrooms, just can’t stand the chewy texture.


Mine, sans mushrooms!  I probably ate about 2/3 of the steak.


And since Hannah doesn’t really like red meat – she heated up some fish sticks!

I am struggling with a couple ideas for the BSI recipe this week, mainly because I don’t really like sweet potatoes!  But I have two co-workers who are going to be my guinea pigs!  They suggested a recipe and I melded a few recipes and plan on putting it together tomorrow night to bring for their lunch on Friday.  My friend R stopped by my desk today and said “I can’t wait til Friday!”  It’s nothing Tony or Hannah would ever eat, so they become the beneficiaries!

See you at breakfast!