When Hannah was little and she and I lived with my parents, one of the great holiday traditions was bringing out Sachmo.  Sachmo was a Halloween mask that my dad put on the end of the stair banister, and he wrapped a coat around him, with a scarf, and put a hat on him.

That way, when kids came trick or treating to the door, they could see Sachmo standing there.  Sachmo kind of scared Hannah when she was little, because my dad drew eyes on ping pong balls and stuck them in the mask and she felt like the eyes followed here wherever she went!

Half way up the stairs is a window, and one day, Hannah was looking at Sachmo, and my dad was behind her, and a gust of wind came through the window and blew the curtain.  Poppy looked up and said “Oh, that must be Sachmo’s brother coming to visit!”  Then Hannah was convinced that we had ghosts in the house (and still does to this day!)

So when Hannah spend this past weekend at Nana’s house helping her after her foot surgery (to which my mom said “she’s a great cook and a great nurse!”) Hannah brought out the old Halloween decorations to put out.  So she dressed up Sachmo again for the front porch.  The ping pong ball eyes are long gone, she she drew them on cardboard.  I was coming out of the kitchen, when I saw this:

The rubber gloves and no feet are a new feature this year!
The rubber gloves and no feet are a new feature this year!

It was windy out today, so she was bringing him in so he wouldn’t blow away!  Then we got the sofa pics!

I like this one the best – the hand holding!

kind a creepers!
kind a creepers!

And now instead of Sachmo being scary, he just looks scared now!

The quiche/casserole turned out really good!  But it was six servings, not 10 like I originally thought.  It was still only 333 calories per serving.

Dinner tonight was simple:  4 oz. cheeseburger, 3 ounces oven fries with spicy Tabasco ketchup!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!  See you tomorrow.