Why is it that the last day before work before having a four day weekend makes it seem to last three days long?  While we never get let go early before a holiday, we sometimes will it to happen.  Around 3:00 p.m. we thought “could this be the year it happens?”  That answer would be no.  Well, the big boss left at 4:45 and pretty much everyone else left five minutes later.

Several years ago my PIL sent me a box of citrus from Florida and I’ve told them that they never have to think about getting me anything else because I love it so much.  But sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s what – is it a grapefruit or orange?  I picked up what I thought was a grapefruit and threw it in my bag and off I went to work.

12.23.15 008

Turns out it was a blood orange!  So delicious and juicy.  I like to let my citrus sit before eating it – I love the crunch and then the splash of juice. 

While it was 62 degrees when it was time for my lunch workout, I would have killed to walk outside in that weather, but it was pretty stormy – we even had thunderstorms roll through – so weird to see lightning and hear thunder in December.  So I hit up the gym – upper body and then 2.25 miles on the treadmill.  I was the only one in the place for the whole 45 minutes I was there – so weird!

12.23.15 013

So there’s no real meal plan the week of holidays in MBK.  So I had more leftover ham macaroni and cheese that I chopped up with one cup of baby spinach, leftover chicken and some fruit.  And just a smidge of hot sauce.

12.23.15 019

While I was working out, I was watching The Chew, and I am positive it’s a repeat from the summer because they were talking about fresh tomatoes vs. canned tomatoes.   Jeff and Katie both took their turns making pasta either using fresh or canned tomatoes.  Truth be told, there is not one that is better because canned tomatoes are simply fresh tomatoes that were canned at the peak of picking.  Obviously in the summer when tomatoes are $.59 a pound, I’ll use roma tomatoes for my sauce, but for a quick weeknight supper – canned tomatoes for the win!  They then went to Sunny Anderson, and she said she likes her pasta sauce 
“fat and boozy” and that’s how I got a taste for creamy vodka sauce.  Thanks Sunny!  We are pretty much BFFs.

12.23.15 028

I had every intention of posting my macadamia nut, chocolate craisin biscotti recipe, but I realized I never took any pictures of the ones I gave away, but I was going to make more last night.  That is until the power went out in our neighborhood.   The power actually ended up being out from about 9 until midnight – not too bad! 

12.23.15 039

It was so windy!   Hannah and Jacob were out with friends (Hannah actually ordered a drink!  A Shirley Temple with a splash of vodka!) so I watched Love Actually on my tablet in candlelight and it was actually quite nice to slow down.  Fran, I have you to thank for suggesting that movie – it was so good!  It might just become one of my Christmas movie watches going forward.

Even with the house pitch black, our backyard was illuminated by the moon – it was so pretty!   I have a new app called “cortex cam” and it takes really good pictures at night using my iPhone 6 plus.

12.23.15 024

As soon as I hit publish I am getting my grocery list together and venturing out to the grocery store – wish me luck!  I am pretty sure there won’t be anyone else out, right?!  We are having a fondue party tonight and tomorrow I’ll be having 11 for dinner.  Still not sure how I am going to seat 11 at my table, but we’ll figure it out.

Merry Christmas Eve!  Hugs <3