First off, Hannah and I got our postcards for our race and although we saw our results online, we saw that we didn’t come in last out of 99 racers!

My friend Kim ran the race with us, and she made a good point after the race.  Yes, we are slow runners, but at the 1st and 2nd mile marker, both women asked do you really want to know your split time? as if it didn’t matter!  I just said yes, but Kim said back “six weeks ago I was sitting on my couch, so yes, I want to know my time! 

I didn’t post her picture before because I forgot to ask her if it was okay.  Here are the three of us before the race:

Biz, Hanners and Kim!
Biz, Hanners and Kim all bundled up!

We finished and that’s really all that matters, right?!

Okay, another Italian dish this week – the sauce I have been cooking all week (and used in the messy lasagna last night) cooked down CONSIDERABLY! and is so good!  I plan on canning it this weekend. 

So I had chicken breasts in the freezer and this morning decided that chicken parmesan was in order.  I use as little fat as possible, but find that a pat of butter, a huge spray of Pam butter flavor and 1/2 teaspoon of oil works well.

After the first flip:

I ended up eating 1/2 of the chicken (each half was 3.5 ounces), a total of 1 ounce of mozzarella, 3 ounces broccoli with 2 tablespoons of parmesan sauce.

Not sure exactly how many calories, because I just threw it together.  It was 1 egg and a splash of milk, then a blend of bread crumbs and paremsan cheese.  Yummy!

It’s raining, so no night walk with Ed, but I hope to take a long walk with him tomorrow since Hannah has no school.  OR I COULD SLEEP IN!  You never know!

See you at breakfast!