that I was getting lunch brought in for me for finishing up a couple projects at work, so my perfectly portioned lunch will have to wait until tomorrow.

Lunch was being brought in from a Mexican restaurant, and at first glance, I panicked and didn’t know what I could get that would still keep me in check.  The other people invited were getting small things like nachos, a taco, etc., so I didn’t want to be the only one ordering chicken fajitas!

So I ended up choosing the bean burrito (no cheese or onions, but it had diced tomatoes which I actually liked!).  It was huge!  So I ate half, with a side of avacado.   I am guessing half the burrito to be about 7 or 8 ounces?

with my trusty Tabasco!
with my trusty Tabasco!

Okay, there are so many ranges in calories on bean burritos, so I am guessing that 1/2 the burrito and the guacamole is 600 calories and 60 carbs.  Does anyone else agree or am I way off?

So no lunch workout either – just have to make up for it with another walk with Ed tonight.  See you at dinner!