Update:  Since I forgot my camera, my husband sent me a picture of his breakfast.  I think the beer is a nice touch!  Thanks honey!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!  They always go by way too fast!

So half way to work, I realized I forgot my camera on my desk at home.  So you’ll have to imagine my breakfast from yesterday (I had the same thing!) but I also added fresh rasberries and strawberries – they were both so sweet!  And Hannah made fresh coffee this morning, so I had that too.

Yeah White Sox!  That was an awesome game last night!!  We play again tonight and its Monday night football!

Today’s workout is Jillians:

  • Circuit 1: push ups and squats
  • Circuit 2: Dumbbell Chest, Flys and Sumo Squats
  • Circuit 3: Bench Dips and Leg Extensions
  • Circuit 4: Lateral Raises, jumping jacks, basic crunches
  • Circuit 5: Tricep-Extensions, jump rope (still don’t like!) and scissor abs

Talk to you after lunch!