It was such a pleasure to meet Bobby and Dessi at their cookbook signing a couple weeks ago. I don’t follow a Keto diet, but all of the recipes are using real food, real ingredients, and I knew that I could make them a little more Weight Watcher friendly if I had to.

The night after the cookbook launch, I started thumbing my way through the cookbook and I literally flagged 20 recipes I wanted to try right away. One of which was a turkey kefta with this golden tumeric sauce – one thing is for sure, Bobby’s food is flavorful!

His recipe used ground turkey thigh, but I decided to make a combination of ground turkey and chicken sausage.

That may seem like a lot of ingredients, but if you are a condiment whore like me, you probably have all of these. I did need to buy a new jar of tahini – so good! My WW peeps will be thinking “Biz, that’s so high in points!” but you really only need a drizzle over the top of these balls – and it will only cost you 1-2 points depending on how generous you are with the drizzle.

One of the biggest mistakes in my early cooking career is literally not tasting anything WHILE I was cooking. I wouldn’t taste it until the very end and my expectations were always super high – and I would be disappointed if it didn’t have enough salt, or wasn’t spicy enough. So baby tastes while you go! You will be rewarded with the perfect dish at the end.

Hannah was my food photographer this past weekend. She’s amazingly talented.

If you haven’t tried tumeric before, this is the sauce to try. I will tell you that tasted by itself I wasn’t exactly sure, but drizzled over the kefta, which were super flavorful and herby – it totally works.

I served mine with air fried potatoes, and green beens with everything but the bagel seasoning. I cannot flip that picture to save my life – Charlie or Jenn if you can fix that, I would appreciate it. 😀


If you aren’t following Bobby and Dessi, you need to because they have an amazing website (#goals) and a thriving YouTube Channel.

Alright, I am going to hit publish while I still can – the train internet has not been my friend lately and I keep getting kicked off.

Happy Thursday friends – make it a great day, and don’t eat like an asshole.

Love, Biz