I was up .6 this past week at WW.  I had two pretty big losses the two weeks prior, so it was expected.  But I will tell you that I didn’t track 100% this past week.  I looked back and found gaps in my tracking.  But because I take pictures of everything I eat, I was able to track it after the fact.  But that showed some higher point days than I thought in my head.

As is my usual, I hit up the meat bin after WW.  I bought this piece of beef and decided to make a breakfast salad.  My friend Morgan was talking to me about breakfast salads and I said what?!  She said she was trying to get more veggies and made a breakfast salad.  Huh.

I seasoned my beef with Dak’s steakhouse seasoning.  So good!  It has tons of mustard seeds which I love.  If you want to try out their spices, check out their website – use the code Bizzy10 to get 10% off your order.  My favorites are the steakhouse, Italian blast, lemon pepper, green zest, and cajun voodoo.  All their seasonings are salt free.

I just used what I had on hand.  Romaine and carrots on the bottom, then scrambled two eggs and weighed out 3 points of avocado.  I used 5 ounces of the beef for 5 points, and then drizzled with Newman’s Own light balsamic dressing for 1 point.  Since I normally eat brunch, and not breakfast and lunch on Saturday’s, this 9 point breakfast was totally worth it.

My Diet Bet starts today!  Holy balls I have 358 players for a jackpot total of $12,530 – it’s not too late to join!  Here is the link.  I probably should have put a bra on – but weekends aren’t for bras!  You’re welcome!

I know I am the only one standing in my way of success.  I don’t have little kids, or a husband who travels – I have zero distractions.  My goal with this four week diet bet is to put myself first, not self-sabotage and just take it one day at a time.  So simple, right?!

And let’s ignore the fact that my head shot above is nearly six years old.  Maybe that will be my reward when I get to goal.  New headshots!

Happy Monday my friends.  I have the day off of work today.  I have my diabetes doctor appointment, and have a couple recipes to test out today.

My goals for today:

  1. track everything
  2. 64 ounces of water
  3. gym/orange theory
  4. bed by 10:30

Make it a great day!  And don’t eat like an asshole.  Love, Biz