I love homemade tortilla chips.  It’s a tiny bit of work, but they will taste better than any store bought chip – pinky swear!  Now, these are not going to save you points on WW – these are still 4 points for 12 chips, but they can easily be incorporated into your meal plan.

I have no shame in my deep fry game.  Now, I don’t deep fry every day – maybe once or twice a week.  The trick is to have a DIGITAL fryer – mine is Waring Pro that I bought at Bed Bath & Beyond a few years ago – this particular model is no longer available, but two things to look for:  make sure its digital and doesn’t have a knob temperature gauge, and the second is to make sure that the container that holds the oil is removable to clean.

I can usually get about 10 fries out of a batch of oil.  If your oil is dark, or you can’t see the heating element through the oil, its time to switch it.

On Saturday I made a batch of breakfast nachos – I could only eat 8 tortillas (3 points) I used some of my black bean hummus (1 point) (you could easily use fat free refried beans, scrambled eggs and an ounce of Trader Joe’s lite mozzarella – and bam – you have a filling 6 point breakfast.

I recommend Mission brand YELLOW CORN tortillas.  These have the best flavor, they don’t split apart, and have an amazing crunch and are very sturdy – great for the breakfast nachos or chips and salsa.

I also baked the chips because people told me “what if I don’t have a fryer?”  You can bake these at 350 for 6 minutes on one side, and 5 on the second – just spray with Pam.  

I’ve had people make these in their air fryer at 350 degrees – time is unknown because they all said “I kept checking until they looked done.”  Since I don’t have an air fryer, I would suggest starting at 6 minutes and go from there.

To deep fry:  heat fryer to 350 – and cook for about a minute per side.  Drain on paper towel and immediately salt with the lime zest salt.

I also made a lime zest salt:  1 tablespoon flaked salt mixed with 3 tablespoons fresh lime zest.  That was enough to do two big batches of tortilla chips.

While I advocate grape seed oil for pan frying, I buy this giant container of oil for my fryer – it’s only $16 at Sam’s Club.

In case you are wondering, while the baked chips were good – the fried ones were amazeballs.


I talked about this granola on my Instagram story yesterday – my friend Courtney’s husband owns this company and she gave us some samples when we were at cooking club, and I left a plate at her house, and when she returned the plate on my deck, she gave me this bag of granola.

Holy balls.  It’s amazing.  The company Safe + Fair is all about having safe, allergy free snacks at a fair price.  They have the sweet and salty kettle in a chip form – I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at this new granola that they hope to have in their online store in a couple weeks.  Stay tuned though – maybe next week I’ll have a special link you can use.  It’s 130 calories for 1/3 cup – and 4 WW points.  I only used a heaping tablespoon to go in my overnight oats (1) and this was delicious.  

Oh, and turns out the reason my overnight oats was soupy was because it should be equal parts oats to milk.  And I thought 1/4 cup of oats was a serving, it’s actually 1/2 cup – but this was still delicious.

My sister and I got our walking shoes on at Macy’s and each of us got a soup at Frontera.  I got the tortilla soup (no chicken) to go with my picky plate lunch.  The board said “red onion” in the ingredients, and I asked the cashier if that meant a garnish, or if the red onion was in the soup.  He hemmed and hawed and said “it’s in the soup” to which I can ask them to remove all the onions, but sometimes cooked down I can tolerate them.

Nope – it was a garnish – like two heaping tablespoons of garnish, so that by the time I got back to my office, the onions had dropped down into the soup and every.single.bite I crunched down on red onion.  Ew.  I barely ate half.  And I love this broth!  Bummer.

Good news about Jacob’s Mom!  Her mastectomy surgery went well yesterday – no sign of the cancer spreading, so she’s cancer free!  She’ll even get discharged today – how crazy is that?  She’s got a road to recovery for sure after the surgery, but she sounded good on the phone last night.  

I made keto shrimp for Jacob – I coated his shrimp in crushed pork rinds.  He loved them!  I made mine with an egg and 1/4 cup almond milk mixture, then dunked that into 1/4 cup flour (3) and then deep fried them.  When they came out I tossed them in Frank’s hot sauce – Hannah and I then used up two opened bags of frozen potato product – half tots and half sweet potato fries.  My dinner was 8 points.

I face timed with my Momma last night – she’s going to Thailand today!!  I am so happy she’s going on this trip again – she was supposed to go 4 years ago but then Tony died, and while I told her Tony would have wanted her to go on the trip, she canceled it at the last minute.  She’s going to have an amazing time!  Have so much fun Momma!

We made it to Thursday – whoop!  I ended the day with 22 points and 14,000 steps yesterday.  I still have 30 weekly points left – if I were drinking wine, those would already be gone 😀  Is it February 1 yet??!! #wwdryjanuary

Make it a great day!