I wish this picture was better of these Skinny Pizza Dough Apple Cinnamon Rolls.  But, um turns out that not only is it dark when I leave work at night, it’s still dark when I leave in the morning.  I will update the picture at some point, but don’t let that deter you from making these.


My Skinny Pizza Dough is great to have on hand for so many things – pizza, duh, skillet pita bread, mini pot pies, and now these apple cinnamon rolls.  I started by sauteing half of an apple – in hindsight, I would have used the whole apple.  Hannah wished there was no apple at all.  I just sauted the apple in a bit of coconut spray, Splenda and cinnamon.  You’ll need to do this step ahead so it has time to cool before rolling the cinnamon rolls.

I used 18 ounces of my skinny pizza dough.  I rolled it out, melted a tablespoon of butter and brushed that over the dough (reserving about a teaspoon of melted butter) mixed 1/4 cup of sugar mixed with a tablespoon of cinnamon (reserving a tablespoon) and spread the cinnamon sugar/apple mixture on the dough, then rolled it up.

Now, at this point, my dough was a bit warm and soft.  I should have put this in the fridge for about 15 minutes to set it a bit, because it was a bit hard to slice.

They aren’t the prettiest rolls I’ve ever made šŸ˜€

I baked then in a cake pan, but on top of my baking steel, at 375 for 23 minutes.  My secret was that I brushed the remaining teaspoon of butter on the cake pan, then sprinkled the remaining cinnamon sugar mixture on top before I put the cinnamon rolls in the pan.  The bottoms got all caramelized, crisp and delicious.


Yesterday I had a taste for a breakfast parfait – and had time before work to make my very berry sauce – so easy!   The only points in my parfait is the 1/8 cup of granola on top – 2 point breakfast.

My sister and I walked to Mariano’s – I was out of my favorite Bolthouse Farms avocado salsa dressing.  It was perfect on my taco salad.  Which I didn’t eat until nearly 4 p.m.

Side Note:  That necklace I showed you yesterday?  Um, turns out its a bracelet that you double wrap around your wrist.  But who knows, being a part time fashion blogger maybe I am going to set a trend for wearing bracelets as necklaces?!  

Happy Wednesday friends – make it a great day!