I really wanted a snow day yesterday.  Well, we got snow, but not enough to where I couldn’t get to work.  But I did wake up to a fallen tree in my back yard and this precarious branch on a wire in my driveway.  I wasn’t sure if it was an electrical or phone wire, but I thought it might be a good idea to call Com Ed.  I jumped in the shower, and Jacob knocked the branch off the wire, pulled out downed branches in the driveway and Hannah cleaned off my car – best roommates evah!

Another tiny problem.  I couldn’t find my snow boots.  Like anywhere.  But here’s the thing – maybe last summer I was cleaning and decided I’d get new boots this year and I may have thrown them out.  I’ve been known to do that before.  But no worries, I just used Hannah’s rain boots – it was really so my feet would stay dry.

I had no idea I’d have to wait on a platform in 20 degree weather for 40 minutes because the train was running late.  In the end, my train 55 minutes late.  I didn’t get to my desk until just before 10:00 a.m.  My feet were so cold.

The ice on the train window was pretty though!

I brought stuff to make an oatmeal/greek yogurt/fruit parfait, but since I was so late, I opted for my back up – Premier Protein and a banana for 2 points.

I only took a 30 minute lunch, because I have to make up the time for being an hour late. I’ll have to take a 30 minute lunch again today.   But I was more than happy to have Lasagna Soup for lunch.  I followed Ally from Sweet and Savory’s recipe – very similar to Farm Girls Dabble recipe that I’ve made about a couple thousand times.  The only difference is that I left out the onion (duh!) and used 6 tablespoons of tomato paste for a real deep tomato flavor, and made meatballs.  There are about a zillion variations to this soup – I’ve used cheese ravioli as the pasta, used turkey sausage, ground beef and then you can add in diced zucchini and carrots – the skies the limit!

But if you know you will be having leftover soup, always keep the pasta separate.  No one wants pasta that is soggy and tastes like ass.

I put the half cup of cold noodles on the bottom, then the added the 1 ounce of cheese, then topped with the soup and microwaved for 2 minutes.  That is enough time to heat up the noodles and finish cooking the meatballs.  And then try not to use a non-microwave safe bowl so you don’t burn your fingers off taking the soup out of the microwave.

Side Note:  I never used to have a sweet tooth at all.  One of my tricks is to have fat free cool whip at work – turns out you can have five tablespoons for 1 point. 😀  

My new boots are so warm!!  I normally buy all my clothes (except underwear and socks!) at thrift stores and Goodwill – these boots cost $89 which essentially is the equivalent to the cost of all the rest of my clothes.  But since I could possible be standing on a platform for who knows how long, and I have a 12 minute walk to my office from the train, it was worth the splurge.

I was so happy to leave on time, only to be met with a boat load of people, with no trains.  My train home was 35 minutes late, so I didn’t walk in my door until about 7:15.

The snow, when fresh, makes everything look so pretty. 

Since I was at my Mom’s house over the weekend, I didn’t menu plan or do a full grocery shop, but I know I have plenty of food at home – like six bags of frozen chicken!  Damn meat bin – such a sucker for a good deal!  I defrosted some chicken breasts in the fridge while I was at work.  I made zero point chicken taco filling with 6 ounces of chopped chicken, a can of black beans, and a can of corn.  I made these 5 point tacos using Pam, and made some cilantro lime rice for 3 points on the side.  Super easy and delicious. I love using plain Greek yogurt as sour cream. 

The Thanksgiving Reboot I am participating in on Instagram called for drinking 100 ounces of water, 10,000 steps and tracking everything.  Water is still a struggle for me, so I brought that down to 80 ounces for me.  Happy to say that I drank 60 ounces before lunch!  

I got my 10,000 steps and then some.

And I tracked everything!  Even the 5 ounce glass of wine and ounce of potato chips I ate as a snack.  Which I didn’t need by the way, but I still was at 30 points for the day.  I even counted my hazelnut creamer!

So here’s to day 2!  

Oh – can you check out my latest blog post at The Chopping Block?  Breakfast baked potatoes!  Perfect as a meal plan or to have brunch for a crowd.  You can check out the recipe here.

Happy Tuesday friends – make it a great day!