Tony’s birthday was Saturday.  When I think back to his last birthday we spent together I remember asking him constantly, “what kind of food do you want for your birthday?!”  Because you know I consider food an act of love – and what better way to show my love than to make whatever you want on your birthday.

Mind you, when I think back on it, he hadn’t eaten much of anything the whole month of September.  Why I thought it was necessary to make him a special dinner, I have no idea.  Well, for one, I am sure I was in denial about how sick he was.  I never in a million years expected that to be his last birthday. 

Do you know what he asked for?  Lamb chops with mint jelly!   You can read about that post here (along with Day 1 of my recap with my recipe contest in New York with Sunny Anderson!)

Hard for me to believe that was four years ago, and just a couple months later I would be saying goodbye to my best friend.  I only cried once that day.  I let it out, took a deep breath, and know that he is always looking down on me and proud of how I’ve carried on without him.


Last week you will remember that I talked about counting calories and points last week.  One day I had 43 points and would have thrown in the towel thinking I’d ruined my whole week, but when I looked at the calorie intake, it was only 1350.  Huh.  I ate all 23 points every day, all 35 weekly points, and I was -33 for the week.  But I lost 1.8.  My lowest calorie day was 1240 and my highest day was 1470.  Knowing the calories kept me accountable, but also told me that because I was over my points, didn’t necessarily mean that I was off the rails – ya know?  My mindset was completely different.  I ate a 6 point scone, but it was 125 calories – I didn’t think “well fuck, 6 points is over 1/4 of my daily intake!”   I was relaxed about my food choices, and check it out below, I ate some really good food last week!

Saturday, Hannah and Jacob and I met my Mom for lunch.  They had plans on Sunday with Jacob’s grandpa, but they wanted to celebrate Nana’s birthday.  Her choice was Nickson’s Eatery in LaGrange.

We took a quick video – how cute is my Momma?

We got fried green tomatoes – which were just okay.  And um, why put sauce on something that is fried crisp?  The parts with the sauce on were all soggy, and there was more sauce on the bottom of the plate.  The pork belly sliders were good though – even Hannah ate one!  The pork belly was so tender, but the maple glaze was almost too sweet – I think it it had been paired with a spicy BBQ sauce or something spicy to offset the sweetness, it would have been a homerun.

My burger was delicious though and Jacob’s pickle brined fried chicken sandwich will definitely be on my list of top things to get there – and Momma got a brisket grilled cheese sandwich that was really good.  Hannah?  She almost always gets sides if she can’t decide on an entree.  She got the side of mac n cheese and onion rings and while okay, she said she’s had better other places.

It was a nice and relaxing lunch though!

Then we spent the afternoon thifting – this place in LaGrange was huge!  I probably spent an hour here alone and didn’t see everything. 

I bought this trivet.  It perfectly sums up all of YOU! Everyone who stops by my little corner of the internet – whether its on this blog or Instagram – we are not strangers, just friends who haven’t met yet! šŸ˜€

I couldn’t help but stop by the meat bin on my way home from WW on Saturday – I am set on proteins for the next couple weeks!  I picked up two giant turkey legs and cooked them on the grill – sadly it was nearly dark by the time they came off the grill.  But Jacob and I both realized, we weren’t that big of fans of the turkey legs – we both love a bone in turkey breast, but for $2 for the both, I couldn’t not try it!

Yesterday was my Momma’s birthday!  She knew I was coming in town for a concert and lunch later in the day, but I surprised her at church.

My Mom had a quick meeting after the service, so I talked with Marian below – she’s 101 years old!  She lives in a nursing home and when I asked her if she liked the food there, she said “well, let me put it this way.  Sometimes when you cook at home it’s spectacular, and then other times your dish is just okay.”  

The program we went to was from 3-6, with a buffet lunch – or was it an early dinner?  Not sure!  In any event, we hit up Whole Foods and each got a cup of soup to tide us over.  Love their tomato basil soup.  6 points, or 140 calories.

I also bought my Momma marcona almonds.  OMG, if you guys have not tried marcona almonds you are missing out.  Yep, they are expensive – like $22 a pound – but that container was around $5.  So good!

And a special episode of the Biz and Jenn show – on a Sunday!  Jenn met us up at the event.  It was nice seeing her on a weekend – a rare thing for us.

Note to self:  don’t use portrait mode if you don’t have good light!  This is my Mom and her bestie Fowsie – they are going to Korea in January together – or is it Vietnam?  I can’t remember Momma – all I know is that there is going to be an elephant sanctuary there and my Mom can’t wait.  She cancelled a similar trip nearly 4 years ago when it was clear that Tony wasn’t going to make it.  I told her that Tony would have wanted her to go (the trip was paid in full!) but she cancelled everything and stayed home with me.  Thank you for that Mom.

More Biz and Jenn show – with Jerry!

What I felt this whole weekend though?  Blessed.  I’m pretty sure I should have bought this shirt.  Maybe wear it without a bra underneath like the cool kids?!  

Alright, I am off like a prom dress.  Lots of things on my to do list today on my day off today.  But luckily, a lot of time will be spent in my kitchen.  

Happy Monday my friends – make it a great day!