I had another great weigh in this week! I am tracking all my points and that makes all the difference. I still eat all the things I love, but stick within the points.

I posted this picture below and asked how I handle my points. I get 23 points a day and 35 extra weekly points. That’s 196 points a week. Some days I may have 18 points and other days it may be 35, but in the end I have all 196. I don’t use my activity points 😉

One of the the things that was talked about in our meeting was the low point cheesecake recipe that’s been going around.

The original recipe can be found here. And all the other recipes I found surprisingly didn’t have an ounce of cream cheese.

Mine has cream cheese and I used sugar free white chocolate pudding.

I baked mine in 4 inch tart pans – each cheesecake came in at 3 points and then I topped it with 1/3 cup no sugar added cherry pie filling.



These easy mini cheesecakes only require 7 ingredients and bake in 45 minutes. Each cheesecake comes in at 3 points and then I topped it with 1/3 cup no sugar added cherry pie filling. The perfect homemade dessert! #ww #weightwatchers #cheesecake #dessert #easydessertrecipes #easydesserts #homemadecheesecake

Yesterday I shot my first cooking video! Only one tiny problem, I had to upgrade my OS to High Sierra. I started downloading it before dinner and after everyone left from Sunday dinner, I turned my computer on and got this:

Then this…

I literally just transferred all 11,000 videos and pics to my laptop to then transfer to an external drive. Hannah and Jacobs wedding pictures are on there as well as my nieces wedding. I’m hoping if I take it to Apple today it will be a quick fix.

My desktop computer is a 2007, and this Mac is 2011. The desktop is no longer compatible with technology- I can’t download any photos to it anymore – I basically keep the desktop because I have word on it.

So I’m blogging from my iPhone. I will tell you that I cried like a baby at the thought of losing those photos, but then quickly realized there are so many worse world problems.

So I’ll leave you with these cute pictures of Rummy Hannah took.

Such a diva 🤗

Love her 💕

Happy Monday my friends! If you’ve had technical problems like this, did they work out? Please tell me yes 😉

Make it a great day!