I walked into work with another pile of documents to revise in my inbox.  It’s been a long week y’all, but we made it to Friday!  I was plowing through the stack of stuff, when my friend Jacky texted “do you want a lunch buddy?”  Um, yes!  I quickly asked “walking or food?” and she replied that she didn’t care which, so I chose food!  Which changed my breakfast – I was going to have steak and egg toast, but I still had chia pudding in my mini fridge at work, so this 4 point breakfast was perfect.  The cherry banana is a great combo by the way.

I love the random pen on the floor too.  Most food photographers look for random shit to add to their food photography.

chia pudding

After I said yes to Jacky, I quickly texted my sister and she joined us for lunch.  She loves when I take goofy pics. 😀

We decided on Lyfe Kitchen.  Jenn and I had been here once before and loved the food.

Jacky will never let me put her on social media, so this is all you get – a picture of her taking a picture of her food – she got the solstice salad – spinach, strawberries – not sure what else was on there, but it looked good.  Jenn ordered fish tacos – I was shocked!  But she didn’t realize they weren’t breaded and fried, and the mahi mahi was a bit too fishy for her.  At least she tried it – proud of you Jenn!

I ordered a burger with fruit on the side.  This was $13.  Hum.  I knew immediately when she put it down, that the bread was all wrong.  Why put a circle burger patty on a square bun?  And it was more “artisan bread” vs. hamburger bun.  The burger to bun ratio was all off, one of my criteria to have a perfect burger.  You know, being the cheeseburger snob that I am.  The patty was good – the chipotle aioli was delicious and they were able to cook it medium rare, but the bun was a failure.  And I got about two tablespoons of fruit.

That bread would have been perfect for a panini though!

I only had to work an hour late last night!  I will be happy when the other secretary who does night secretary is back next week.  I can manage possibly working late two nights a week, but not Monday through Thursday like these past two weeks.  

I defrosted Italian sausage for dinner and really didn’t know what I was going to make.  I started looking through my pantry/fridge/freezer, and when I saw I had three lone frozen shrimp, I decided to make a quick shrimp, sausage and grits dish.

I love these quick cooking grits. Here’s a tip though – cook them in the microwave in a 4 cup measuring cup because they puff up when you cook them.  I mixed 1/4 cup quick grits (4) with 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk (0) and microwaved that for 3 minutes.  I added 1/2 cup of canned corn and 1/2 ounce of cheddar cheese, then nuked for another minute.  Side dish done in 4 minutes!

The sausage cooked for 5 minutes – I sliced it thin so it cooked faster, then the last two minutes added the shrimp and then made a quick pan sauce with creole seasoning.  Quick, delicious and 10 smart points for that whole plate.

I will always add corn to grits because it was delicious.  A nice sweet pop of flavor with the spicy sauce.


I follow a girl on Instagram who is 26 (same age as Hannah) and she loves tacos as much as I do.  I’ve mailed her my local corn toritllas twice, and I call her my taco daughter and she calls me her taco momma.  She showed a filter where you can try Kylie Jenner’s make up filter.  I had to laugh because some of the colors were really dark, but I think I may wear more eye shadow?

I saw this on Jessica’s story yesterday and had to laugh.  My moral to this though, is don’t compare yourself to anyone else, and don’t care what people think or say about you.  If you are comfortable in your own skin, own it!  Life’s too short not to make yourself happy.

I’ll leave you with this cuteness.  Although I am not sure I am a fan of these sheets I bought -the fitted sheet comes off every.single.night, no matter how I tuck it in.  My old sheets never did that.  But the pups look so cute in the morning.  

Happy Friday friends – check out my Instagram to see how I did at Weight Watchers tomorrow.  It’s going to be a hot weekend in Chicago – temps in the mid 90s!

Make it a great day!