I woke up yesterday to balloons everywhere!  Hannah had them hanging outside my bedroom door and in the kitchen.  I love her so much.  We all got up to wish Jacob well on the first day of a new job.  It was 7:15 when he left and I thought to myself, I could probably sleep for another 45 minutes, and I brought the dogs back to bed with me and we slept another hour.


When I got up Hannah was still sleeping, so I made coffee, did my giveaway post yesterday (I forgot to mention I’ll be picking a winner on Friday!) so if you didn’t enter, click here.  Hannah bought me these bracelets – love them – one says “I fucking can” and the second one says “I fucking will.”  Did I tell you I fucking love my daughter?! šŸ˜€  

I met my sister at Starbucks, and then we got to shopping.  The Carson’s was going out of business so everything was nearly 85% off – she bought a new vacuum cleaner and I bought a few tops.  We stopped at Charming Charlie – Jenn had never even heard of that store before, where we found birthday tiaras.  If they weren’t $15 each we would have bought them to wear all day. šŸ˜€

We had a nice lunch at Kinfork (took videos of food – you can still check out my Instastory for more stuff on our day there), and we ended our day at Savers – a giant thrift store in Schaumburg.  It was great spending part of our birthday together Jenn!  

Then it was back home where Hannah and I got a pedicure – so desperately needed.  Now if the weather could only cooperate so that it could be flip flop weather, that would be great.

We met Jacob at our favorite burger place for dinner.  I had a couple beers (one on the house because it was my birthday!) and I got my favorite burger.

I have a mystery gift – this came from Amazon and the inside card just said “A Gift for Biz” so if you could claim it, let me know so I can thank you!

And I have a huge thank you to Hannah who did my hair and makeup.  It held the curls all day!

I talked yesterday about starting a 21 day mediation.  You can find the info here.  I think you are supposed to do it in the morning to have your “mantra” for the day, but I loved doing it right before bed last night – it was so relaxing!

šŸ§˜ā€ā™€ļø The topic yesterday was “Finding the Lightness in Your Life.”  The centering thought for the day was “my struggle has ended.  I am in harmony with myself.”  I’m tired of filling myself up with food.  While my life has taken a different path since Tony died, I have to remind myself that life is for the living!  I have to wake up and put my two feet on the ground and begin my day with gratitude.  I had so many well wishes yesterday for my birthday, so many that I still haven’t responded to all of them, but having my birthday yesterday just reinforced how blessed I am.

So THANK YOU  for everyone who stopped by and wished me well – good luck on the giveaway too – I can’t wait to give away Jessica’s cookbook – today for lunch I have her Korean beef bowl and it looks amazing.

Happy Tuesday my friends – come back tomorrow for cheddar and black pepper scones!  I took a healthier spin on one of Jessica’s recipes and they turned out amazing.

Make it a great day!