I made a batch of bagels the night before last.  While I posted my skinny bagels in December, lately I’ve just been using my skinny pizza dough for the bagels, skip the boiling step of the bagels, and they turn out just as good.

I happened to be watching This is Us (season finale already?!) and I shaped the bagels, brushed them with an egg wash, and then they sat on the counter for about 45 minutes until I finished watching my show.  When I was taking them out of the oven, Hannah yelled “what smells like ass?!” 

I am confident Tony married me because I have no sense of smell.  I didn’t smell anything.  Well, when I was eating my bagel, the eggy smell of the egg wash was so off-putting – I don’t know if I didn’t water down the egg wash enough, but while these tasted great, it was hard to get over that eggy smell.  I won’t be doing that next time.

My day was super busy, which I wasn’t expecting.  I didn’t bring a lunch because I didn’t have the leftovers I thought I would have in my meal plan.  No worries – I got this amazeballs sandwich around 3 p.m.  Its a corned beef sandwich with sauerkraut, horseradish mustard, juniper Guinness glaze on a pretzel bun.  Um, what’s not to love about that?  This is a small sandwich, but I counted it as 8 points. 

My friend Lynne sent me a similar meme yesterday, so I had to send her this one.  Cracks me up every time I see it.

It’s no secret that I’ve been off my game this year.  I thought just by ditching my wine like I did last year the weight would just melt off, but I don’t think my head has been in the game.  Physical weight is just the result of emotional weight, and when I saw this on my train ride home, and that it starts on my birthday on Monday, I signed up for it.  It’s just 20 minutes a day, and its 21 days long – about the time it takes to form a habit.  Anyone else interested in doing it with me?  

And not ironically, right before I saw that above, I posted this on my Instastory šŸ˜€  #truestory

I had a pork chop defrosted but didn’t feel like it when I got home.  Hannah was home to be my videographer, so if you follow me on Instagram, check out my Instastory because I show you how I make my pizza.  I made the dough right before I started filming this.  It’s a joke that I touch all the food all the time when I do my Instastories, and most of the time I don’t realize I am doing it.  My friend Rhonda said that people who follow me should do a drinking game – every time I touch my food you have to take a sip of your drink!

Hannah had chicken fingers for dinner.  Yep, my 26 year old daughter still eats chicken fingers on the regular.  She had one leftover, so that became the inspiration for this buffalo tender chicken pizza.

  • 1/4 of the skinny pizza dough (5)* (*it’s 5 points if you use Gold Medal self-rising flour, 6 points if you use all purpose flour)
  • 1 cooked chicken finger, chopped (3)
  • 1 ounce shredded Muenster cheese (what I had on hand) (4)
  • buffalo sauce and ranch dressing (1)
  • chopped fresh baby spinach
buffalo chicken tender pizza

The best part is that I still have enough dough for three more pizzas.  Trust me when I tell you the dough gets better every day its in your fridge.  And for you Weight Watcher peeps, if you’ve tried to make the 2 ingredient dough without much success, try this one.  The yeast and water make it so much easier to work with.

Now this is a 13 point pizza, but its totally worth it.  You can eat the whole thing (like I did!) or eat half with a side salad.  Most commercial pizzas are 13 points a slice!

We’ve made it to Friday!  But if Mother Nature would just give us a taste of spring, I’d really appreciate it.  The low 20s when I am standing on the train platform are getting old. šŸ˜€

I have a three day weekend!  My sister and I decided to take Monday off, even though she’s just getting back from her amazing vacation in the Bahamas.  

Hannah and I are getting mani and pedis this weekend.  There is also a BBQ place in Woodstock that has been on my list of places to try, so we’ll try to do that this weekend too. 

I also hope to be Bizzy in my Kitchen – I have some falafel recipes I want to try, I need to make more naan bread – it’s my happy place. šŸ˜€

You’ll want to come back on Monday because I am having a giveaway to celebrate our 50th birthday!  You won’t want to miss it.

Happy Friday friends – make it a great day!