I love foggy mornings.  What I don’t like is driving through fog.  I remember driving home from my brother’s house in Iowa – Hannah was probably about 6 – and I drove through what seemed to be about 100 miles of fog.  I or course was on the right side of the road, flashers blinking the whole time, when cars on the left of me were driving 80 mph without a care in the world even though you couldn’t see 10 feet in front of you.


By the time I got downtown it was blue skies and sunny!




Once again I hit the ground running and ate my breakfast around 10:45.  I had about a cup of mango at my desk around 9:30 and ate a banana on the train ride in.  This is just 1/2 cup shredded potatoes cooked with egg whites (3) and Canadian Bacon (1).  And hot sauce – duh.


Here is where you would usually see my lunch, except I never had a chance to eat it.  Luckily my breakfast held me.  I was able to catch the last express train home at 6:25, and bought this for the train ride home because by now, I was hangry.  I used my WW app to scan this – 20 points for the whole thing, so I ate half, and kicked myself for not picking the fruit cup next to it which would have been zero.  But then I realized I’d only had 4 points all day, so no big.


The kadults went out to dinner with a friend, so it was just me.  I bought a pork shoulder at Jewel for $3.81 and cooked that low and slow in my dutch oven – pork for days!  I made a mini pork bbq sandwich with a mustard bbq sauce and had a serving of tots on the side.  I want to preface that the bun is only an ounce, I had 3 ounces of pork and that’s a salad plate, not a dinner plate – but it does look like a lot of food, doesn’t it?!  Dinner was 12 points.


I love me some tater tots – if they are ever a choice on a menu, my first thought is always “why don’t you ONLY have tots?!”

My boss who’s office is closest to me is going to talk to the office manager today about my three partner assignment.  You all know that I’ve been working long hours, late and through lunch this past month.  And yesterday one of my attorney’s dominated my whole day, so I am even more behind with the other two. 🙁   We’ll have to see how that pans out.  

All I know, is that today is like my Thursday – loving this short week for me!  

Happy Tuesday – make it a great day!