I had a feeling yesterday was going to be a busy work day, but it was literally non-stop.  The only reason I had time to put together this quick parfait was because my computer locked up and I had to wait for it to reboot.

Chobani yogurt (2), banana, homemade strawberry sauce (1) topped with 1/4 cup of granola (3) with a hard boiled egg on the side (2).

10.2.17 005

I am glad I decided to add that egg last minute, because this breakfast kept me full for several hours.  I never got to walk with my sister at lunch, and didn’t eat my lunch at my desk until nearly 3:20.  Gah.  This was a ham (2) and lavash  wrap (2) with mustard and romaine, with fruit on the side.  I also ate an ounce of tortilla chips about 30 minutes before eating this wrap for (4).

10.2.17 011

Which is why I have hardly any pictures to post together.   But can we stop and talk about delicata squash?  I keep forgetting that when I do Instastories and share video and photos there, they don’t actually save to my phone, so I wish I had more photos to post about this squash, but it couldn’t be easier to make.

Whenever I work with squash, whether it’s butternut, spaghetti, etc., I always microwave it for a few minutes to soften the skin – I find it’s much easier to cut, less risk of cutting yourself and easier to scrape the seeds out.

Cut the squash in half, scrape the seeds out – I use an ice cream scoop and it works great.  Slice in moon shape rounds, spray with Pam and a teaspoon of olive oil and any seasoning you want – this time I just did salt, pepper, paprika and a bit of crushed red pepper.  I baked it on parchment paper on my baking steel (you can use a cookie sheet) at 425 for 20 minutes.  This is SO good.  So much flavorful and zero points!

Now let’s talk about this chicken.  I first saw cream cheese everything chicken on my friend Nicole’s blog a couple years ago, and I pinned it immediately.  And saw it on my “recipes I want to make” in my Pinterest board all the time, and still never made it.  

As a Weight Watchers ambassador, they sent me some of their whipped cream cheese, and I bought thin chicken cutlets because they were on sale, and last night was the perfect night to make my version of this recipe.  I didn’t get home from work until 8:20 and I was eating this dinner at 8:35.  It comes together that quickly.

Each of my cutlets were 2 ounces each, so 4 ounces of chicken (2) and then I placed one tablespoon of Weight Watchers whipped cream cheese onto each cutlet.  (I’ve seen it at Walmart)  The roll up the chicken, dip into a bit of liquid egg whites, then sprinkle with Trader Joe’s everything but the bagel seasoning.  

I cooked mine in my cast iron skillet, seam side down for the first 2 minuts, then flipped it over, covered my skillet and cooked about 6 minutes longer on medium low heat.  I actually really like the crunchy bits of seasonoing on top.

I made Jacob’s chicken with the chive whipped cream cheese and he loved it.  Hannah made herself ham macaroni and cheese. šŸ˜€

10.2.17 025

This was so flavorful, so quick and delicious, this will easily become a weeknight staple.  I love how melty the cream cheese got too.

I am meeting my Mom out for dinner tonight with some relatives that are in town from Virginia.  My cousin Suzanna and her husband Frank are on a road trip and are in Chicago for a couple days.  We are eating at The Berghoff tonight – cannot wait!   What’s your favorite type of German food?   I remember making spaetzel when our German exchange student was here, but haven’t made it in a while – I need to change that.

  I imagine it’s going to be another busy day, but one of my bosses it out today so while he left me a bunch of work, he won’t need it until tomorrow. 

Happy Tuesday – make it a great day!  And make this Everything Chicken – you’ll thank me later.