See that +2.6 from last week?  That week I tracked everything, got a blue dot every day, and had no alcohol.  And was up 2.6.

6.22.17 005

This week I had a snacky Father’s Day weekend, had wine, did a little bit of emotional eating with another holiday without Tony, and I lose a pound.  I did kill it on the steps, so I am assuming that helped.  But it is just a reminder that you can’t let the weekly up and downs derail you from the big picture.  Just keep plugging along and eventually there will be losses then gains.

I’ve declared this summer LOSE SOMETHING EVERY WEEK.  Even if it’s only -.5, my only goal this summer is not have a gain.

6.22.17 006

I didn’t have time to take a better picture of my breakfast, but had more egg whites (1 cup is 1 point!) topped with the Ranchero Scramble topping, (1) half ounce of cheese (2), a slice of whole grain bread (3) and a cup of fruit.  7 smart points for breakfast.

6.22.17 008

It was a great Weight Watchers meeting.  We talked about movement this summer and how to get exercise in when sometimes summer means sitting outside with food and wine and not moving much.  I walked past the Daley Center, but didn’t buy anything since I’ll be going to the Green City Market tomorrow.  But I did pick up Red Curry Chicken from Rock N. Roll Noodles.  So spicy good, but everytime I eat it, I think “Biz, you can make this!”   It may be on my lunch menu next week 😀

6.22.17 014

I was night secretary last night and had to stay until 6:30.  Only one tiny problem, my next train wasn’t until 7:30, and I didn’t want to suggest working longer and then the attorney throw more work at me and I’d miss the 7:30.  So I got my walking shoes on.

6.22.17 019

The 7:30 train makes all.the.stops so I know I wouldn’t be getting home until 8:45.  Then I knew I would be so hungry that I’d walk in the house and want to eat everything in site.  As I was walking I suddently remembered Blackwood BBQ!  

6.22.17 033

I first asked if I could just get the meat alone.  Lean protein to hold me until I got home.  But the minimum purchase is 1/2 a pound and it would have cost the same by itself as it would to get the dinner platter.  I avoided the mac n cheese (which is f_cking amazing) and got the baked beans and asked for lean brisket.  While I am all about the moist brisket, which is the fattier part of the beef, did you Weight Watcher peeps know that 8 ounces of lean brisket is only 5 smart points?  That tiny container of baked beans?  7 points!  Even still, my dinner was only 12 points and totally fit within my day, with 1 point to spare.

6.22.17 037

6.22.17 042

I used the North Carolina sauce which is very vinegary and thin – so good!

6.22.17 043

I have plans this weekend!  Tomorrow is the Farmers Market in Lincoln Park.   I may stay downtown for lunch, but I’ll just play it by ear.  The weather is supposed to be in the low 70s.  I’ll be getting lots of steps, that’s for sure!

Saturday night I am going to my neighbors house for a bonfire.  Sunday, not sure yet.  Momma, do you have plans?  You can come over for a BBQ, or we can meet for lunch after church?  I’ll give you a call tonight.

I hope you have a great weekend.  I feel as if a weight has been lifted from me . . . but you’ll have to wait for Monday’s post to find out why.  😀

Make it a great day!