While I posted waffles on my instagram yesterday topped with whipped cream, that was Sunday’s breakfast.  Yesterday I made these sweet and savory strawberry shortcake waffles – holy cow was this delicious!  I used the everything but the bagel seasoning with the egg whites (1) the waffle (4) and a drizzle of sugar free pancake syrup (1).  A delicious and filling 6 smart point breakfast – loved the sweet/savory combo – oops – I also added 1 once of Trader Joe’s lite mozzarella (1) to the egg whites – so a 7 point breakfast.  Yummo.

6.12.17 007

It’s going to be hot and in the 90s all week in Chicago, so my twin sister and I took advantage of the pedway.  You can read up about Chicago’s pedway here – basically an underground walkway that goes miles through the city, just underground.  You can see people swimming at LA Fitness:

6.12.17 012

Or you can find restaurants, both sit down and fast food, stores, etc.  Kym, thought you would like to see these pics!

6.12.17 014

As we were walking, we decided to stop and accessorize our lunches at this Thai place.  We each placed an order for a shrimp spring roll.  We continued walking and came back to get it, and still had to wait – nearly 2o minutes from when we ordered. 

6.12.17 015

So maybe our expectations were a bit high, but we were both disappointed.  First, for $6.50 I only had two small pieces of shrimp – the rest was just veggies.  Which I guess is okay, but it was so sloppily wrapped, and if you didn’t use the dipping sauce (it was really sweet, so I didn’t use it) there was zero flavor in the spring roll itself.  And that one piece with all the lettuce in it?  That one was just lettuce, the spring roll wrapper, and a few cellophane noodles.  Weird.

6.12.17 019

I brought more of my tofu brown rice stir fry that I made over the weekend – I counted lunch as 9 points, but I didn’t even finish it all.  

6.12.17 021

I guess I was expecting something like this below: thanks Heidi of FoodieCrush for me stealing your picture and now I want to make your grilled Vietnamese spring rolls at home!  Don’t these look delicious?!

Grilled-Shrimp-Vietnamese-Spring-Rolls-foodiecrush.com-004 (1)


On Sunday night I grilled up meat to use later in the week – tip from me to you – don’t cook the meat all the way through if you are going to use it later in the week and reheat it.   I cooked these chicken thighs 80%  Love using Newman’s own light balsamic as a marinade. 

6.11.17we 268

I know I’ve talked about Jimmy John’s day old bread before, but its worth repeating.  You can buy a loaf of their day old bread for .50 cents a loaf.  I usually stock up around the holidays when I make stuffing and bread puddings, but just in case you were wondering, it also makes amazing garlic bread.

6.12.17 038

Check out what came in the mail!  Guess who’s about to get insane?!  Tonight is the Fit Test Open-mouthed smile 

6.12.17 029

I got nearly 16,000 steps yesterday – I am in a fitbit challenge, and now my sister is in the group too, and turns out I am a bit competitive!  

Happy Tuesday – make it a great day!