I brought the last two of my carrot cake waffles to work yesterday – over the course of a day I made these, the dogs ate two of them as treats!  Two waffles (6), 1 ounce of deli ham (1) and 1/4 cup sf syrup (1).

6.6.17 008

Since our office move, there are a few people I talked to throughout the day, but now because of how we are placed in the office, barely see each other.  My co-worker Dana and I decided to catch up at lunch and I took her to Revival Food Hall – she’d never been.

I had already scoped out what I was going to get.  While they have BBQ, tacos, and pizza, I went the healthy route and went to Brown Bag Seafood and got their protein box.  

6.6.17 011

6.6.17 012

You can’t see it, but the bottom of the box is baby spinach with a light lemon vinaigrette, topped with a quinoa wild rice blend, grilled chicken breast and their veggie of the day, which was a mix of broccoli, green beans and brussels sprouts – best part ever?  Not an onion in the whole thing!  This was perfect – light, filling and I counted it as 10 points, 5 for the chicken and 5 for the quinoa mix (which I couldn’t even eat all of it.).

6.6.17 017

My co-worker got Detroit style pizza, which I am not even sure I knew Detroit had it’s own pizza style – kind of looks like a pan pizza?  She said it was delicious though!

6.6.17 013

We even had time to walk for 15 minutes before heading back to the office – couldn’t help but take a picture of this cute coffee shop to send to Hannah:

6.6.17 020

I had grilled chicken Parmesan on my menu last night, but I was almost home from work when Hannah texted and wanted to know if I wanted to meet her and Jacob out for dinner.  Um, yes please!   I follow a woman on Instagram, and her daughter is about the same age as my daughter.  She routinely declines dinner out with her daughter because it doesn’t fit into her points for the day, or she won’t have control over naan bread if they go out for Indian food, and I thought how sad that she declines dinner over her daughter because of the food!

I don’t care if I only had 5 points left for the day, I can always make it work.  I kind of like the challenge of seeing how much food I can get for the points I have left, which last night was 11.  Mind you, I still have at least 20 weekly points I haven’t used and could have gotten pizza, beer, wine, burgers (or all of the above!) but I felt like eating better.

First up?  Lemon water instead of beer.  We drank so much water at dinner the server brought us a pitcher and put it on the table 😀

6.6.17 031

All dinner entrees come with soup or salad. I chose the chicken tortilla soup – I wasn’t expecting it to be creamy, so I ate probably 3/4 of a cup and counted it as 4 points.

6.6.17 033

Tony and I have been coming to this restaurant since we moved to this area 16 years ago.  We’ve gotten to know the owner and I’ve told him over and over that his portions are too big and his prices too low.  Every single person leaves with a to go box, which I tell him is profits just walking out the door, but he said everyone is used to big portions.  

This is their steak kebob with fresh steamed veggies and a baked potato.  I didn’t eat any of the potato, I ate one skewer of meat and veggies and brought the rest home.

6.6.17 037

I weighed the beef when I got home – so there was nearly 11 ounces of beef on my plate – or basically three servings.  Crazy!

6.6.17 040

My dinner came in at 10 points – made it under the wire with 1 point to spare 😀

6.6.17 041

The leftovers are going to be my breakfast and lunch today – a breakfast baked potato and a beef and veggie stir fry for lunch – three meals for $15.95!


I am on Day 7 of my Being Brave for 30 Days.  The topic yesterday was “I AM HEROIC.”  And what that means is that you have to be the hero in your life – you can’t rely on anyone else but yourself for your happiness – it begins with you and you being the Hero of your Own Story.

What I like about this challenge is that other people have left comments about how they will be their own Hero – here are some excerpts – you never know when something is going to jump out and resonate with you!

6.6.17 022 

Here are some of them:

“The hero (me) would stop blaming others for my own shortcoming.  The hero would take extreme ownership of his own situation.  He would own his failures.  Look forward and charge knowing the future is his for the taking.  The hero would surround himself with healthy influences.  He would not settle for less than he knows he’s worth.  I am the hero of my own story and only I have the final say in how my story unfolds.”

“The hero would be brave enough to recognize old habits, old patters, and decide to be kind instead of judgmental, realizing that self-love is the only path to real change.”

“I have to be my biggest cheerleader, my biggest supporter, and quit looking to others to rescue me.  I am the one that limits myself.  My confidence was severely shattered, and it’s been a struggle that I could really reach my goal…there’s no quick fix for this brokenness, I can sit in it or rise up and move on and do what I am called to do, and accomplish my deepest desires.  I WILL SUCCEED!”

“It’s impossible to put all your energy into something really difficult if everything is riding on the result.  The people who are the best at reaching big goas have an obsessive drive toward the goa, but also, they are able to break down the process of meeting the goal into tiny, bite-sized pieces and then take pleasure in completing each part.

When someone is unable to relish in the small steps, they just stop, because the process starts to seem hopeless if you constantly focus on the end.  You have to have a proclivity for hard work, combined with the ability to take joy in the process itself.”

I am loving these positive punches of inspiration I’ve been getting every day, that reminds me to make the best of each day, focus on what went well, and focus on how I can make the next day better.

Motivation for the Day:

6.6.17 028

So excited for my WW Focus tonight! Open-mouthed smile  I’ll be sure to recap it tomorrow.  

How would you become the hero in your own story?  I’d love to hear!