There are a lot of people at my office who are on Weight Watchers, which I love.   More people to talk about point friendly food!  One woman though the day before yesterday only ate strawberries and grapes for breakfast and wondered why she was starving at 11:00 a.m.   I asked if she had any protein, hard boiled egg, deli ham, anything else?  Nope.  I told her I would bring in a leftover French Fry Frittata, and she was a bit intrigued!

I brought home all the fries from my lunch out earlier in the week.  I had 3 ounces of fries leftover, which was perfect for two servings of this breakfast.  I put this in the WW recipe builder and each serving came in at 6 smart points.


2.23.17 057

So good – and putting Trader Joe’s everything seasoning on the tomatoes was an awesome idea.  My friend couldn’t believe that she got all that food for 6 points, but more importantly, it kept her full for hours.  #winning #changinglivesonebreakfastatatime

I didn’t end up going to WW before work for my weigh in, because I wanted to get in early so I could leave to go to the lunch time meeting.  I am happy to report that my eating/drinking frenzy that was my birthday weekend, only cost me a 1.8 pound gain!  Congrats to my twin sister though who LOST 2.2 during our birthday weekend.  Great job!

2.23.17 062

So I basically have to kick some serious ass this last week of March so that I’ll only have a small gain for the month.  Still down almost 15 pounds though – but I was SO close to being down almost 20!  Gah.

Lunch was on repeat – I fricken love the tomato feta soup from Pret!  

2.23.17 063

I worked late and was really thinking of hitting up Burger King on the way home because it’s literally two blocks from the train station and I pass right by it every day to and from the train.  I even opened up the app to see what my choices would be before I slapped myself out of it.  Because a.  I knew I would get a side of fries no matter how healthy my order was, and b.  I had plenty of food at home and knew I could figure something out.

Having a stocked pantry is key – I had canned crushed tomatoes, pasta, and more ground sirloin that needed to be used up, so pasta and meatballs it was!  This was literally so easy – while the water boiled I cooked down the canned tomatoes with garlic, Italian seasoning, salt, pepper and crushed red pepper.  I used 3 ounces of ground sirloin (4) to make my mini meatballs, and cooked those up with coconut oil spray.  I bought this at Trader Joe’s and I love it because I can use it over high heat.

2.23.17 069

I was still able to get a nice sear and the balls before throwing them in the sauce to finish cooking.  These were tiny balls (sometimes tiny balls are okay!) so they didn’t need to simmer too long before being cooked through.

2.23.17 072

And because two ounces of dry pasta is hardly anything, I sautéed up a whole zucchini to bulk up my dinner.   Thanks to Hannah who came in and took the photo for me.

2.23.17 060

Not surprisingly I follow lots of WW peeps on Instagram.  What was my life without Instagram?  It’s hilarious because I had no idea Instagram was a photo sharing site when I downloaded it a few years ago, and I took a picture of the train leaving after Hannah came to visit me when she and Jacob were living in the city.  I put a cool filter on it (I thought!) and Hannah texted me and said “love the train shot!” and I was thinking “how the hell did she see that picture?!” 

Anywho, one of my fellow WW ambassadors Catherine (@cheeseandcardio – follow her!) is down nearly 90 pounds since this time last year, and while following the Weight Watcher program with the smart points, she’s chosen to do low carb because that’s what works for her.  She’s been recently getting some “hate” comments, for lack of a better word, telling her that since she’s on WW she can eat ANYTHING she wants, so why not eat more bread, pasta, etc.? 

Well, her plan of WW/low carb is obviously working since she is down 86 pounds, but it just shows that no matter who you are, or what your journey is, do what’s right for you.   I think because of social media that more people are able to hide behind their monitors/ipads/laptops/iphones and just say whatever they want because it’s so anonymous. 

So it was only appropriate that I was thinking about not listening to other people in your journey, when my Instagram motivator posted this:

2.23.17 067

So this Friday morning I hope that you #BEtheLION!   Make it a great day!