I am so happy to be eating all this Florida citrus.  The only thing better would be to eat it right off the tree in 80 degree weather!  I have to tell you though, before I started working at The Chopping Block, I think I may have massacred  every piece of grapefruit trying to get all the fruit out – that is until I learned how to supreme citrus.  Check out our Chef Owner Shelley’s video here – works the same for lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruit. 

I picked up steel cut oats at Pret, with their goji berry add on (not even a couple tablespoons) and then brought pom seeds, a supreme grapefruit, and a peeled tangerine and put together my breakfast.  This whole bowl comes in at 7 smart points.

12.20.16 055

Holy yum – 5 points for the steel cut oats, 2 points for the goji berry mix, and the rest is zero.  This took me a while to eat, but I ate every single bite.   I got the inspiration for this breakfast from my friend Ashley’s winter citrus salad – go check that out here!  You have to follow her – she’s recently engaged, has amazing food photography and has a really quirky sense of humor, which is why I like her so much.  Let’s forget the fact that I am old enough to be her Mom! 

Work was busy – never got a chance to leave my desk much, but that’s okay.  I ate lasagna soup at my desk and just kept my head down and kept going. 

The kadults had their coffee shop holiday party last night, so I was solo for dinner.  It’s kind of nice to make what you want for dinner and not have to worry about anyone else’s likes or dislikes.  Jacob loves pork, but it doesn’t agree with him.  Hannah is always a no on pork, so pork it was!  I picked up this 1.3 pound pork tenderloin (Hormel brand) for just under $4.

12.20.16 066

First thing I did was trim any visible fat, and remove the silver skin.  Then I was hungry, so I portioned out two 3 ounce pork medallions for dinner, and then made 2 ounce medallions with the rest of the tenderloin.

12.20.16 067

Gah, I hate my kitchen lighting!  Anywho, I packaged up two 2 ounce medallions into ziploc bags for three meals later – whether I cook them up for breakfast, or make pork tacos – not bad to get 4 meals of meat for under $4!

My sister told me about grits a while back and I bought a container and never really did anything with them.  I thought for sure over the course of 8 1/2 years of blogging I would have used grits in some way or another.  A quick google search told me the answer to that question was no!  Holy cow, were these delicious – and I made them in the microwave Open-mouthed smile


I plated the green beans on one side.  Poured the cheesy grits next to the beans, then topped with seared pork chops and drizzled with the honey mustard sauce.

12.20.16 017

12.20.16 076

The top picture was with my DSLR, the bottom with my iPhone  – these pictures don’t do this dinner justice – it was pure comfort food on a plate – and healthy to boot!  Only 11 smart points for the whole plate and dinner was literally ready in about 15 minutes or so.  I am pretty sure I am going to find any excuse to have cheesy grits at every meal going forward!

And I have to give a shout out to Weight Watchers who reposted my breakfast baked potato – and in the process I gained 150 new followers on Instagram – thanks WW!

12.20.16 077

Seriously if you plan on having a giant group of people over at the holidays, this is the perfect brunch meal.  Bake a bunch of potatoes the night before and just let them hang out on the kitchen counter overnight.  The next day, scoop out the potato filling, scramble with eggs and any veggies or meat you have on hand, refill the potato boats, top with cheese and bam – everyone eats at the same time.  With a bowl of fresh fruit, this is the perfect brunch – you could even do a breakfast potato bar where everyone makes their own filling – so many possibilities!

Alright, time to get this show on the road – we’ve made it to Wednesday!  Make it a great day!