All three of us had the day off yesterday.  I was up around 8, and I think the kadults got up around 10.  It was nice having a quiet morning.  My store where I buy my blue corn tortillas just came out with mini corn tortillas and I couldn’t wait to make mini breakfast tacos with them.  I asked the kadults if they were up for that for breakfast – both overwhelmingly approved, until I realized I had no eggs!  So while they ran to CVS on an egg run, I got busy cooking up sausage that needed to be used up before going bad.  Still trying my best not to waste food, although I did have to throw out two avocados that got pushed to the back that were way overripe.  I got 1/4 of one whole avocado that wasn’t bad.

This is what my plate looked like:  three baby tacos at 2 points each, with fruit on the side.  However after we looked at that picture, we both thought it could be better.  (3 corn tortillas – 3; 1 egg – 2 1/2 ounce cheese (1).

8.17.16 001

So we carried that plate all around the house trying to see which lighting was better.   I had my camera, she had her camera, and we ultimately decided the side table next to the couch was the best spot.

8.17.16 023

And of course, the dogs are always curious!

8.17.16 024

8.17.16 004

This was the winning photo.  When my friend Whitney decorated my house, she bought that plaque – it’s true – food is my true love!  I had to reheat my tacos because they were stone cold by the time I got around to eating them around 11:00.

Since we were all off, I decided to check out the market I normally work at and go to the restaurant I’ve been wanting to try since I started at that market.  I even put makeup on and jewelry on!

8.17.16 011

8.17.16 018

It was interesting being on the other side of the tent.  I had to say, unless someone called me over to their tent, I would just walk on by.  We did pick up some of that Mirai corn from Twin Garden Farms.   Plan on having that for dinner tomorrow.

8.17.16 027

While I looked at the menu before we got there, once I opened their menu and saw that they had a full page dedicated to burgers, I decided to go with a burger.  Although we did do a meat charcuterie for an appetizer.

8.17.16 029

This was delicious.  And there was pickled fennel on the platter which was really tasty. 

8.17.16 039

The burger was perfection.  Super flavorful meat – they were able to do it closer to medium than medium rare, but still juicy.  I chose romaine and crispy poblano peppers as a topping with a side of broccolini and a small cup of their Guiness cheese sauce.  I was only able to eat half my burger it was so filling.

8.17.16 040

I would have loved to sit out on their outdoor patio, but it was pretty hot out, but we all agreed we’d make the 25 minute drive to go back there.

Another work day for me in Lincoln Square today.  It rained pretty hard this morning, and there is a 40% chance of rain from 5-6 which is our dinner hour rush, so hopefully it will blow over.  It was a fun day off yesterday.

Right now I am making more of my one point fruit sauce to make a parfait.  I did buy butterscotch granola at the farmers market yesterday which is amazeballs.  I never thought to add butterscotch chips to my granola before!

Hope you all have a great day!