I actually love my night farmers markets because it gives me time to actually prepare a decent breakfast and not be rushed.  It was already near 80 degrees when I woke up yesterday morning, and the forecast was temps in the low 90s, with a heat index near 100!  Perfect for working a farmers market, no?  Actually, I don’t mind the heat as much as the rain and storms, at least people will still come out if it’s hot, but not if its stormy.

My breakfast was egg white tostadas.  10 smart parts for the two and super filling and delicious.


In case you are wondering what a day in the life of a food blogger looks like – here it is.  I tool this picture on my living room floor.  Apparently, someone thought this was for her!


Shelley, you’ll be happy to see my blue toenail polish! Open-mouthed smile

And here is Rummy’s look when I tell her it’s not for her:


So I packed my lunch for the market.  A ham and rotisserie chicken wrap with pretzel thins, Stubbs BBQ sauce for dipping my wrap, and grapes.  Not shown was watermelon and a banana.  Around 5:00 I got hungry and took one bit of my wrap and it just tasted . . . off.  I think it was the deli ham.  I took the last of it, but it made the sandwich taste like ass, so I ended up eating just my grapes, watermelon and banana.  It held me until I got home.  Another misstep was to place the pretzel thins in the container with the wrap, because sitting on the ice block just turned them into mush.  Lesson learned!


It’s funny because when I work the markets, I really have no idea how well or bad I am doing.  I talk to so many people, that keeping track of sales in my head as I go is near impossible.  Numbers and I don’t mix all that well – God gives and he takes – I can cook, but math isn’t my best subject.  I knew I did a lot of credit card sales, so that makes it even harder to figure out how well I have done.  Um, turns out, I broke a sales record yesterday for that market!  Whoop!   And at least half a dozen people wanted to know how long I’ve owned this business.  Open-mouthed smile

As I was driving home, I was thinking that I didn’t know that I was or could be a good sales person.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I am the quintessential salesperson.  At one restaurant I worked at we sold a lobster bisque soup for $8 a cup.  But, I could upsell that by adding fresh lump lobster to the top and a side of a shot of sherry and 9/10 people would order it just the way I suggested it – which suddenly became an $18 cup of soup!  And I am competitive by nature, so there is that – I want to be the best no matter what.

So remember how I said I didn’t want to eat carbs on the nights I worked the markets and ate dinner late?  Well, after only having 10 points going into dinner, the fact that I was really hangry at that point, I bought a $5 Tombstone pizza and ate three slices.  I had 20 points going into dinner, so I am not too worried about it.  I also drank about two gallons of water yesterday, and today the temps are going to be closer to 100, so it will be a sweaty balls kind of day today.  Again, as long as the rain stays away, it’s all good.

Alright, time to get this show on the road – make it a great day!