Imagine that, I actually had a loss on the WW scale two weeks in a row!


So in the 8 weeks I’ve been going back to meetings, I’ve managed to lose 1.2.  It’s funny and not at the same time.  I know exactly what I am doing wrong, but sometimes can’t get myself to change.  I know eating late at night on the days I work probably isn’t the best idea.  I know I have to put the wine back in the closet.  And I have to get the water in.  Oh, and stop eating cheese curds every time I open the refrigerator!  But I do have to say, without being on WW, I’d probably be up 20 pounds, so there is something to be said for maintenance.  I’d just rather maintain 30 pounds lighter, thank you very much.

I brought breakfast tacos to the meeting.  I usually do a show and tell of my breakfast, but our regular leader was on vacation, and it didn’t seem right to step on the toes of the guest leader.  Also, I was sitting in the front row because that’s the only seats that were left.  Usually I sit in the back so I can eat my breakfast during the meeting – I just felt everyone’s eyes would be on me if I started eating breakfast tacos, so I just reheated them when I came home.  8 smart points for this plate:


Rainier cherries are back!  They are twice the price of regular cherries, so I buy a small bag and mix them with the regular cherries.  So good.  It was gorgeous yesterday – low humidity and a high of 82.  I got my walking shoes on and went on a 45 minute walk.

PicMonkey Collage

Do you guys remember Erica from Itzy’s Kitchen?  She no longer blogs, but I follow her on Instagram.  She just had her second child, a son, not too long ago, but is already back up to running 10 miles.  She’s my hero!  Anywho, she posted that she listens to Chris Gethard’s Beautiful Anonymous podcasts and I had to check it out.  It’s fascinating.  People call into his podcast, never tell their name, where they live, etc. and can talk about anything for up to an hour.  The guest can hang up whenever, but Chris commits to the full hour if you want to talk that long.   It made my walk go by so fast!

It was pantry cooking yesterday at lunch.  Hannah is the organizer of my pantry, and has declared that I have far too many canned goods, but I disagree.  For some reason falafel popped into my head for lunch and when I got back from my walk, realized I had everything to make it.  It helped that I had 10 frozen naan bread in the freezer.  They only take a couple minutes to defrost on the counter since they are thin.  I followed my recipe, but was talking to Hannah while I was making the batter, and realized I forgot to just pulse the mixture together, instead I pureed the whole thing.  Damn.  I didn’t want to add anymore flour because that would add more points, so I decided to see if I could just scoop out the batter into the fryer and see how it went. 


Guys – these are the best falafel I’ve ever made.  Super flavorful, so light and airy!  The recipe made 20 heaping teaspoons of falafel, I made it 4 servings and 5 falafel turned out to be 4 smart points.  Here’s the deal with figuring out the deep fryer.  You know I’ve been a big advocate for the fryer – a good one – that holds the temperature.  Frying food at the right temperature makes all the difference.  It sears the outside without soaking into the food you are frying.  So in every recipe I build into the Weight Watchers recipe builder, I had 1 tablespoon of oil for the fryer for the whole recipe.  I sincerely doubt that 1 tablespoon of oil is even absorbed, but that’s how I account for the oil.  This whole plate above came in at 7 smart points.

I then did some more stuff around the house, then hit the gym for my lower body workout and then did 2 miles on the treadmill at 10% incline.


I cleaned out the fridge and found that I still had my healthy bolognese and needed to use some of it up before freezing the rest.   Hannah is convinced that shaped pasta has more flavor than spaghetti, so I used bow tie pasta for dinner.  I had 1 1/4 cups pasta (7) with 1/2 cup of my bolognese (3) and two ounces of Italian sausage (2). 


This was so good.  I think I am going to make stuffed zucchini next week with the remaining leftover Bolognese.  I think it tastes better than when I made it – all the flavors melded together.  Yum!

So it’s a work day for me.  I am doing the market by myself, which makes me very happy.  What doesn’t make me happy is that the forecast is for some strong storms today.  I know the owner has called off people in the past for bad weather, so I’ll see.  The market doesn’t start until 3:00 p.m., so I guess time will tell.

I ended up with 14,300 steps, drank nearly a gallon of water and had no wine.  Now I just need to do that for the next six days before my next WI and see if that moves the scale. 

Wish me luck today – make it a great day!