So as it has been going lately, I gain a pound or .8 one week, then lose it the next week!


So I am basically down .6 for the last 7 weeks.  I am hoping to get my act together and actually string two whole weeks in a row with a loss.  I ended up bringing my breakfast to the meeting.  It’s a bit of show and tell!  Yesterday I brought mini ham quiche cups and fruit.  I only made four of these yesterday because that’s all the ham I had left, but I normally would make a dozen to have on hand.

These are so delicious and would be great for a brunch with a lot of people.

I ended up using the leftovers from my lunch on Monday from Big Bowl – the only thing I added was 3 ounces of shrimp that I defrosted from the fridge.  I still couldn’t finish all of this!  No wonder so many people are overweight and obese – restaurant portions are just ridiculous.


I ended up not taking any insulin with lunch so that I could workout in the afternoon.  I ended up doing a 5k on the treadmill at 3.7 mph, but at 10 incline – I can definitely feel it in the back of my legs today!


Hannah ended up hanging out with my niece during the day yesterday and then had dinner out with friends last night.  Jacob was working, so I found myself solo for dinner.  I still had leftover pork from Friday night, and since it was Tuesday, it quickly became taco Tuesday!  Three corn tortillas (5) – one for chips and two for the tacos – two ounces of pork (2), 3/4 ounce pepper jack cheese (3) and I counted 1 point for the grapeseed oil I used to fry the tacos.  A delicious 11 point dinner.


So I’ve been searching and researching on my next career path, and I have to tell you, it’s looking a bit bleak.  All the jobs I think I could handle only pay around $10 an hour.  The jobs that pay more require a culinary degree.  I am not giving up hope just yet, but it would suck ass if I had to go back to a desk job because that’s all I am qualified to do.  Tony was the one who would talk me off the ledge, and without him being here, I wonder if my quitting my comfy job was just stupid, when I thought I was being brave.  Time will tell, but I’ve been struggling with anxiety about the whole thing this past week, and I need to shake myself out of it. 

I belong to this private weight loss group on Facebook and someone posted this, and I need this to be my mantra going forward:


I slept in a bit today because it’s my long driving day for work.  Oh, and I am training another new person!    And I will try to keep my brave face on, even though it feels like I am not.

Make it a great day!