Happy Monday everyone!  Since Biz is travelling – she asked me to do a blog post today. 

It was a gorgeous weekend here in Chicago – 70’s and sunny! I even set my alarm on Saturday to exercise! Crazy! I was so glad I did. I live only a few blocks from our local high school track – walked fast for 1 hour 🙂


So, as some of you know – I’ve been on Weight Watchers for 12 weeks now. I tried to get a group going in my office, but I didn’t have enough people. Turns out the company on the 6th floor has had an ongoing meeting for 5 years, so 4 of my co-workers and I were able to join their group. They could not be nicer people – and they also include their New York office so we Skype with them as well. And our leader is amazing too – she’s been at goal losing 75 pounds for 15 years. If you were to look at her, you would never guess she was overweight at all at one time.

So, the great news is I’m down 20.5 pounds! Biz and I had success back in 1999/2000 both of us making lifetime with Weight Watchers, so it’s a program we know works. For people who were doing Weight Watchers last year, they switches from Points Plus to something called Smart Points. The difference is Smart Points gears you towards healthier food choices, making things that are high in sugar or not so nutritious higher so that you might make a better choice. I love it – I get 30 Smart Points a day + 35 points I can spend (which I save for Party Pizza Friday). I am enjoying getting creative and making BIG portions of food for as little points – I haven’t given up drinking some beers on the weekend, or of course my pizza, but I make it fit in so it works. I’ve also been walking a ton – my highest steps in a day was 22,000 – but I walk at least 10k – 15k steps a day. I also downloaded a squat challenge on my phone – I’m on day 21 of that (I had to do 145 squats yesterday!) and that’s been fun to challenge myself too.  You can download it here for FREE

I am posting all my food on Instagram with Points – Please follow me at Jenncooks0319

So over the weekend, we were planning on making burgers Saturday night. Previously I had seen on Instagram a blogger post about Carrot fries – and I am not going to lie, they looked amazing! See her recipe here . No one else in my family wanted to eat them, so I ate them all! 4 SP for the serving you see on my plate. Mine didn’t turn out quite as pretty – but they were amazing. Dipped in bbq sauce – it was like I was eating fries!


Have you ever had carrot fries?  

If anyone has any questions about Weight Watchers – feel free to email me at slim-shoppin@comcast.net  – I’m happy to help. 

Here’s to a great week everyone! 

Jenn @  www.slim-shoppin.com