It’s funny because we’ve had such a mild winter so far, that when I left the house to walk yesterday morning I thought, wow, it’s a bit chilly!  I looked at my weather app on my phone and it was 40 degrees!  Spoiled much?!

12.15.15 025

It was a bit windy, I guess that’s what made it a little cold, but I am not complaining!  After some more normal temps over the weekend (read 30 degrees!) it bounces back up to the 50s next week again.  Which makes me nervous for January.  Either we’ll get pounced with snow, or super cold temps, or worse – both!  I am just enjoying the outdoors as long as I can.

The breakfast sammie is back – I had a pita breakfast sammie with leftover pork, egg whites, cheese and spinach with a halo orange.  I love those oranges – but I let them sit on my plate for an hour until they get super tight on the outside, and then when you pop them in your mouth they burst with flavor.  Yep, I am weird like that!

12.15.15 035

I got my steps in at lunch – my North Face jacket kept me cozy and I even needed to unzip it half way through the walk.  Yep, it was a no make up day for me.  Just didn’t feel like it.  Which is funny because I don’t think my twin sister would never leave the house without makeup on!  That’s the difference of being a Pom Pom girl vs. an athlete I guess.  And Mom, you’ll be happy to know that with my hair cut my bangs aren’t in my eyes anymore!

12.15.15 039

Over the weekend my store had golden grape tomatoes for .49 a pint.  Now I normally wouldn’t eat those as is – ew, the tomato seeds popping in my mouth makes me want to throw up a bit.  But roasted and turned into a soup – yes please!

WE12.13 120

WE12.13 125

12.15.15 043

So flippin good.  And as you should, you need to dip each bite of the grilled cheese directly into the soup, hold for a second, and then eat up.  Best combo evah!

Over the weekend I made baby back ribs because my store texted me (how cool is that?!) that it was having a 14 hour meat sale – you better believe I went!  I bought baby back ribs for $2.99 a pound.  It was just Jacob and I for dinner on Saturday night because Hannah was working.  We had a good 3/4 of a slab of ribs leftover (I will forever cook as if I have a family of 8!) and while Hannah isn’t the hugest fan of ribs off the bone, if I cut off all the meat, pick out any big pieces of fat and chop it fine, she’ll eat it.  Sometimes it’s like cooking for a five year old.

She however had her mind set on ground beef nachos, which was fine by me and Jacob because we could have the pork.  I made her nachos, pulled them out of the oven and told her she was on her own for the toppings.  She chopped up baby spinach, green onions and the dreaded white onion.  Can you see how many onions are on that one nacho??!!

12.15.15 052

I however, made leftover chopped pork tacos with baby spinach, salsa verde and cheddar cheese.  I had a giant can of pinto beans and made a quick side dish of spicy beans.  Taco Tuesday is the best night evah!

12.15.15 060 copy

So it’s kind of funny to see the behind the scenes at MBK.  Randi, I am using the tea towel you gave me as the background.  Surrounding the “photo shoot” is my blue toaster, the stand mixer, my iPhone speakers to blast Spotify in the kitchen when I cook, the Keurig, the roll of foil used to make Hannah’s nachos, a few bags of misc. chips/bread, etc.  Um, the deep fryer may still be on the counter from the tots from the night before last.  AND I have the worst kitchen lighting ever.

12.15.15 053

The things we do to try to make decent food photography in the winter!

Alright, I am off to get some steps in before work – its amazing that even a small 20-30 minute walk in the morning adds up during the day – I ended up with just under 14k steps yesterday – not too bad!

Go make it a great day!