I wanted to thank everyone for your comments, texts, instant messages on Facebook and comments on Instagram yesterday after talking about the beginning of the end of Tony passing away.  I will admit I couldn’t read any of them when I was at work for fear of crying right there on the spot, so I waited until I got home.  I let the tears flow freely and it felt . . . good. 

When I was driving to work yesterday, the sky was so pretty.  The clouds don’t even look real!

11.24.15 009

I figure if you put an egg on anything it can be considered breakfast:

11.24.15 011

All the snow we got last weekend will probably be gone in a couple days.  It was 43 degrees when I went for my walk:

11.24.15 014

One of the Mom’s that Hannah used to babysit for gave Hannah this North Face jacket and she doesn’t like it all that much, so she gave it to me.  OMG – this coat is amazing – it’s so thin but so warm – I haven’t looked at the label but it must be down feathers in there.  I was actually hot by the end of my walk.

I entered another recipe contest (Shauna and Laurenyou can find the link here!)   I can’t write the recipe here yet, but I had to use summer sausage and potatoes in my dish.  I am calling this Summer Sausage Potato Soup with Sauerkraut.  My secret though?  I used mustard potato salad for the potatoes, which gives the broth a nice briney kick.  So good!

11.24.15 028

11.24.15 022

The day before yesterday I bit the side of my tongue.  How I even did that is beyond me, but it turned into a canker sore and it was so painful yesterday afternoon to even talk, let alone eat.  I finally heated up some leftover pasta around 9 with a bit of butter.  It feels better today and hopefully by tomorrow it will be gone.  I can’t not eat on Thanksgiving!

Alright, got to get this show on the road, I slept in a bit this morning.  I have my rescheduled diabetes doctor appointment today at lunch – I was glad they were able to squeeze me in before 2016.  My insurance company will not cover my glucose meter (Accu-Chek) anymore and I had to switch to One Touch.  I got the new meter in the mail and my old meter is the equivalent to a flip phone – my new one has a USB port, and hopefully I won’t be technically challenged to use the damn thing!

Happy Friday to all of us who have a long weekend.  Make it a great day!