I love the store Sur la Table.  There is one about 5 minutes from my office and it’s not unusual for me to go in there a couple times a month and drool over the $400 sauce pans.  You may think there is nothing there in your price range, but all stores have a discount section in the back of the store, and they also have a line of basic cookware that is super reasonable.

9.29 001

Their everyday porcelain collection is so affordable – that 10 ounce ramekin, that’s is freezer, dishwasher and oven safe to 500 degrees was regularly priced at $3.95 and it was 40% when I was there – score!

It’s the perfect size for a breakfast casserole for one.  This is such an easy recipe to make even on a weekday.  Simply put it together, pop it in the oven and showered and dressed and by the time that’s done it’s ready to come out of the oven.


I took mine out, let it cool for about 10 minutes before putting in a ziploc bag to take to work.  When I got to work I put it in the toaster oven to heat up again, and went to check my email and it almost got away from me!

9.29 009

9.29 013

The top was all crunchy and the bottom was nice and fluffy.  So good! 

I did another Mariano’s run to get salads for my bosses and to also pick up cupcakes for an office birthday.  Of course, I had to stop by the cheese counter!  This was too hot for me though:

9.29 015

I made chicken soup over the weekend.  Hannah is convinced that shaped pasta has more flavor and requested baby bow tie pasta.  Whenever she bought boxed mac n cheese it always had to be shapes vs. elbow macaroni.

9.29 017

And I may have decided that a cupcake was insulin worthy!  These were mini cupcakes though Open-mouthed smile

9.29 020

And my other co-worker brought in cream puffs.  Um, I had to have at least one so as not to be rude.  OMG, can’t remember the last time I had one and it was so good.

9.29 021

I almost 100% listen to all my music off of Spotify now.  Just as I was leaving work I was seeing what my driving home options were and was a tiny bit freaked out that a picture of me and Tony was on one of the album covers!

9.29 023

Hannah and Jacob both worked last night.  I got home and got my cleaning pants on.  Tony always accused me of being a pack rat – and I wouldn’t necessarily say that’s true, but did I really need to hang onto 50+ cooking magazines, or sale flyers from a few weeks ago?  I had a big book case in our back room for all my cookbooks and I ended up putting them on an empty bookshelf in the basement.  I have 75 cookbooks y’all!  And that bookcase in the backroom became a catch all and it was looking all junky so it took me about 90 minutes to get the back room in shape and get rid of so much junk. 

I knew we were going to have nachos for dinner.  It’s quick, easy, and Hannah and Jacob love them.  I decided to stop by our local Mexican restaurant to see if they could sell me their green salsa they have on the tables because it’s pretty amazing.  She asked in the back if she could sell me some.  She came back and asked which size – either the 12 ounce or 32 ounce!  Um, the 12 ounce would be perfect!

9.29 024

That would be a 12 ounce cup and she sold it to me for $1.  Score!

9.29 028

Louise, you will be happy to know I made another batch of lasagna soup!  This time I used fresh tomatoes and it turned out so good.  Perfect for today – this morning was 46 degrees when I got up and our high is only 63 – my perfect temps!

Make it a great day!