I seriously do not know what I do with my hair when I sleep.  It will be straight as a board when I go to sleep, but when I wake up it look all curly in the right hand picture.  I texted the picture to my sister yeseterday and she was like “did you curl your hair?”  She thought I was going to work like that!  The hair on the left is much better Open-mouthed smile

9.24.15 006

Breakfast was another pita breakfast sammie – sadly my fruit that I had in the fridge from the beginning of the week already started to get moldy.

9.24.15 009

I had lunch with my friend D yesterday – she’s very private, no pictures of her – but I can show the food we ate!

9.24.15 016

9.24.15 017

My dish was the second one – thai curry noodles with veggies and tofu.  So good!  I was thinking I need to find a recipe to make this at home.  As luck would have it, I spent the first ten minutes of this morning lying in bed going through Instagram and saw that Nicole made a very similar dish – a spicy Thai noodles with tofu, that’s going to the very top of my weekly menu planning next week.  We talked up a storm and realize we need to meet up more often – our offices are literally five minutes away from a ton of restaurant options.  So good to see you D!

So this week I decided to actually use a stop watch to see how much actual work I do in a day. It’s pitiful y’all.  The roll of a legal secretary is going extinct.   Let’s take my life as a legal secretary where it began 25 years ago.  No attorney had a computer in their office.  I would walk into work with a dozen dictation tapes to type out letters, 30 page briefs, wills, estate planning, etc.  None of the attorneys answered their own phones.  Once the attorneys got computers, no lie, I had one attorney who would print out an email, hand write the response, and he’d have me sit at his desk replying to emails.

Now?  Technology and young associates who know excel better than I do.  My litigation partner has voice recognition software so she does her own dictation.  We electronic file so much stuff that unless I have to print a letter on letterhead to be mailed out, there isn’t much for me to do.  So going into today – I’ve worked 81 minutes.  Yep, an hour and 21 minutes all week.  I need to win the lottery, or find some bread bakery that will hire me at my current salary and benefits so I can be happy baking bread all day.  A girl can dream, right?

Hannah had to close last night and was going to eat her leftover Chinese food for dinner, so that meant meat for dinner for Jacob and I.  Pork chops!  I did a quick 15 minute marinade using this Savory House BBQ blend mixed with a bit of olive oil.   Then finished them on the grill.  OMG, so juicy!  I only ate half of this (it was probably a 12-13 ounce chop!) and will somehow repurpose that for breakfast this morning.

I am still coughing a bit, but I have a lot planned for this weekend.  I am having a mini field hockey reunion at my high school tomorrow morning, then lunch out with them, then in the afternoon I am going to check out a softball game on my old stomping grounds.   I have many many fond memories of playing softball in River Forest.  In one game we needed to get a grand slam to win the game and I was up to bat.  I remember seeing that ball come towards me and I hit it perfectly – I started running the bases, looking to where the ball was – as I was rounding second I could see that the outfielder hadn’t even gotten to the ball yet, so I kicked it into high gear (I was later a sprinter in track!) and remember touching home plate one step after the girl who was on first base.  So exciting!  I remember later that night the coach calling me telling me that she was still so excited about the game – that was 35 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday.  (Side note:  D&D – did you know your cousin and uncle will be at that softball game?!)

Then Sunday I am meeting my Mom at church and we are going to one of my bucket list restaurants.  Leghorn Chicken.   It’s just six miles from my Mom’s church and I talked her into ditching the brunch after church and us getting some friend chicken.  You guys – they even sell chicken skin for $4 that’s sprinkled with creole seasoning!  And they sell biscuits with blue cheese caramel butter for $2.  It’s not even 8 in the morning and I am already drooling thinking about this lunch!

9.24.15 010

Alright – time to get this show on the road.  I’ll probably be meal planning at work today.  Have a great weekend – anything fun planned?