Can we start out the blog post with the cutest picture evah!

8.20 001

How cute is that??!!  Hannah had to work early yesterday and Red sleeps with me, so he usually wakes up when I do and I let him outside.  Rummy, the Boston Terrier, loves sleeping with Hannah and Jacob – unless she hears me and Red up and then all bets are off.  She’ll start by whimpering.  Then she’ll start scratching at the door to be let out and then will go to full blown barking if no one pays attention.  After they went to the bathroom and then got treats, they both sat in my comfy chair and I couldn’t help but snuggle them up because it was a glorious 57 degrees out.  They actually laid like that for ten minutes which is pretty much a record!

So while I made it easy on my meal planning by repeating recipes – i.e. the potato crusted quiche which I made for four breakfasts this week, well – I ate it, but I was kind of glad it was over and done with. Turns out I like a bit more variety in my meals – so next time I made it, I’ll eat it twice a week, then freeze the other two slices for later.  I stopped by Hannah’s work and she made me a sugar free salted caramel café au lait with almond milk.  Holy balls was that good and according to various nutrition sites I went to – a 14 ounce café au lait comes in at just 41 calories – nice!

8.20 005

And the whole time I was eating the quiche I couldn’t wait until Meal #2 – which is weird because I’ve told you since starting this carb cycle lifestyle, I am satisfied after every meal, I am never full and never hungry.   Although I have been craving pancakes lately, which is weird since I normally lean towards the savory stuff.  I found this recipe on Pinterest – the sheer height of these pancakes caught my eye. I altered the recipe slightly – I used white balsamic to make the “buttermilk” because I didn’t have regular vinegar and I used unsweetened almond milk for the milk.  I also left out the melted butter and added 1/2 cup fresh blueberries.


8.20 002

8.20 014

With the side of ham and 1/4 cup sugar free pancake syrup – Meal #2 comes in at 315 calories, 9.5 fat, 38 carbs, 2.5 fiber and 15.2 protein.  Nom Nom.

So it was no surprise because of the carbs that my blood sugar was just over 300 before my lunch time walk, which I didn’t mind at all.  It seems my blood sugar keeps dropping and I thought “cool – I’ll have enough fuel to get me through my walk!”  But my walk felt . . . slow.  It was weird.  I had Shot Bloks with me just in case but I thought “I shouldn’t need them because my blood sugar was so high before my walk!”

8.20 019

8.20 020

8.20 023

Fudge crackers.  I put that up on Instagram and a few people told me to look into the “insulin tail” which means how long insulin actually stays in your body in between shots.  Since I am eating more frequently, it makes sense that I may be giving myself too much insulin at my mini-meals because I still have some residual insulin from my last mini meal.   When I got back to work though it was too soon to eat another meal, so I ate 100 calories worth of shot bloks (which were delicious!) and that held me until my next mini meal which was a Chobani apple parfait.

8.20 025

I actually missed Meal #4 because I thought I had a protein bar in my bag, but I didn’t.  I came straight home after work though and the kids were hungry so we ate an earlier dinner than usual.  I had no meat defrosted to test out my new grill but Jacob and I will be enjoying rosemary pork chops on the grill tonight.  My MIL sent me rosemary from her garden and it’s amazing!  Thanks Bonnie!

8.18.15 068

I also made rosemary and sea salt bread last night.  Something about the weather dropping into the 50s and I start thinking about baking bread!  Hannah and Jacob were very happy about that!

8.20 002

I have a  busy weekend planned!  Tomorrow I am meeting a bunch of blog readers at the Madison Farmers Market then we are having lunch.  Sunday I am bringing breakfast over to another friends house – she just got her kitchen remodeled so I am going to be #jealous but at least I’ll be cooking in a nice kitchen!  And Sunday my Momma is coming over for Sunday dinner.   What’s going on in your neck of the woods this weekend?

Off to make a breakfast that is NOT quiche!  Make it a great day and have a great weekend!  Stop by my Instagram tomorrow for Week 2 WI on my Carb Cycle lifestyle.