An interesting thing has happened since I started my 7 day carb cycle.  I’ve had more low blood sugars in the last week and a half than I have had in the last six months.  I’ve been eating my square three meals a day usually with no snacks and I had that down pat.  Adding in two extra meals means adding two extra shots and I think because I am eating closer together that I might not need to take as much insulin.  Always a learning curve with diabetes – there are so many variables that sometimes what worked yesterday doesn’t work today.  I’ve been keeping a journal though and I know I’ll figure it out.

My eats yesterday were delicious.  Not sure why I never thought of having soup as a mini meal but it ended up being perfect.  Walmart sells their rotisserie chickens for $4.98 each – I buy the lemon pepper one.  Jacob eats 3/4 of the meat of of it and I made chicken noodle soup over the weekend.

PicMonkey Collage - food

  1. my potato crusted quiche with fruit:  305 calories, 10 fat, 31 carbs, 4.2 fiber and16 protein
  2. plain Chobani, apple and low fat granola parfait, WITH whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon sugar:  278 calories, 8.8 fat, 43 carbs, 3.8 fiber and 18 protein
  3. two cups of homemade chicken noodle soup:  302 calories, 5 fat, 42 carbs, 4 fiber and 22 protein
  4. Pure Protein Bar – these were on sale for $1 each this week – SO GOOD!  I like them best right from the fridge: 200 calories, 6 fat, 16 carbs, 1 fiber 20 protein
  5. Chicken and black bean wonton cups:  415 calories, 11 fat, 45 carbs, 5.7 fiber and 32 protein
  6. STATS FOR MY HIGH CARB DAY:   1500 calories, 40.8 fat, 177 carbs, 18.7 fiber and 108 protein

I was able to squeeze in quite a bit of exercise yesterday:

AM WALK for 35 minutes:

PicMonkey Collage - am

I got in a bit of trouble on my lunch walk.  I took a different path and I may have gotten a tiny bit lost, but at around mile 2, I could feel my blood sugar dropping and my last .81 miles took me 17 minutes to get back to the office.  When I got back it was 52 – it was 245 when I started!

PicMonkey Collage pm walk

And I found a new app that I love!  It’s called BitGym.   It has a camera that sees you and senses your pace so your scenery goes as fast as your pace. Can you see my face in the bottom?  It goes away once it senses you are going.  Along the route (which I chose Costa Rica) it will pop up tidbits of information about your location.

8.18.15 055

8.18.15 051

8.18.15 056

That was my shredder for the day – I did 3 minutes at a moderate pace, 2 minutes of a sprint, and then 1 minute on a hard hill climb and repeated for 30 minutes, then did a nice 10 minute cool down.

8.18.15 076

I don’t think my FitBit is that accurate – it kept turning on and off throughout the day.  When I left the spin bike room I was at 16,500 steps, and just did stuff around the house when I got home, but I don’t think I did 4000 steps!  But considering I thought my steps were low the day before, I’ll consider it a wash.

Come back tomorrow because I’ll be sharing my filet mignon meal that I made at the Beef HQ – Filet Mignon with a crunchy potato summer hash!

Make it a great day!  I’ve got my running club today so I am tweaking my eats a bit later so I’ll have enough fuel for my run closer to my run – today is 2 minutes of walking and 4 minutes of running.  Our high today is only 72 so it will be perfect. Open-mouthed smile