Yesterday was definitely a perfect example of living the #wycwyc lifestyle.  I thought I was going to be moving boxes for four hours yesterday, so I wanted something filling, but that had protein, and well, I got a McDonald’s sausage McMuffin with egg.  I know not the healthiest thing to eat in the world but I knew it would keep me full and fueled and it comes in at 420 calories.  Let’s all just ignore the fact that 55% of the calories of this breakfast is from fat, mkay?

7.16.15 001

Well as luck would have it, an hour into our project the skies opened up and we ended up heading back into the office.   Since we were going to be gone half the day I didn’t expect that I’d have time to take my normal lunch and because we were going to be sitting at the storage unit for hours, I didn’t pack a lunch.  So here I was with no workout clothes or anything for lunch.  I need to pack a back up bag that stays in my car – blog reader Kris does that I need to follow suit.

So I wasn’t sure of the weather, but as I was driving to Mariano’s the rain stopped and I immediately pulled my car into the forest preserve by my office and decided to walk until it started to rain again.  I still had my work gym shoes and who cares if I was walking in my work clothes.

PicMonkey Collage - walk

I ended up getting two miles done before it started to rain again – #wycwyc!  That top left picture?  That was a guy pushing another man in a wheelchair while he ran.  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  The guy in the wheelchair probably would give anything to be able to run, and how many times have I said to myself “I just don’t feel like working out.”  I am physically capable of doing most anything, and what a shame to give that gift away by being lazy.

So you know I love the Mariano’s salad bar, and that I normally pick up a couple fried chicken tenders to top it.  Well as I was reaching my tongs to get the chicken fingers, I looked to my right, and lo and behold they have baked chicken.  Huh.  It’s all about the little choices we make every day that make a difference in the long run.  So I bought the chicken and cut it up at work.  I topped my salad with Annie’s goddess dressing.   This salad was super filling and comes in right around 541 calories.  The chicken was super delicious too!

PicMonkey Collage - lunch

So I had happy hour with my co-worker.  Cooper’s Hawk is right near our office.  I got a glass of sauvignon blanc and I had one of the burrata/proscuitto crostini’s before meeting up with some other friends.

7.16.15 020

7.16.15 021

The traffic was horrible going to dinner – the rain was so heavy – what normally would take me 20 minutes to get to ended up taking 50 minutes and I was late.  I hate being late.

I ended up switching to a beer, and they made me a custom summer shandy.

7.16.15 023

I ended up getting the pulled pork sliders with cole slaw.  I was going to get seasonal vegetables but it was a beet and onion something or other and before I threw up in my mouth I chose the coleslaw.  Good choice because it was good topped on my slider!

7.16.15 025

And guess what guys?  One was enough.  Here’s the deal.  I would have easily gotten my own appetizer at happy hour, and I definitely could have eaten my whole plate of food and ordered way more drinks, but it was tasty, plenty and enough.  I have to remember it’s all about choices, balance and not perfection.  I enjoyed my “unplanned” day and today is a new day.

I ended up getting in my steps too! 006

I have to leave you with this picture of Rummy.  She likes to sit next to me at night when I watch my t.v. shows.  She was so tired she nearly fell asleep next to me! 005

So I don’t have any concrete plans other than some deep cleaning of my pantry – I know, sounds like fun, right? And getting to the gym over the weekend – 10k steps at minimum this weekend.  We’ll see if the scale moves on WI Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend!  See you Monday!